How to clean kids bath toys

I’ve been in cleaning mode lately. Today, I cleaned my kids bath toys with bleach solution. Clorox suggests disinfecting washable colorfast toys with a solution of 3/4 cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach per gallon of water. Soak for 5 minutes, rinse and air dry.

For kids bath toys, I sort through the toys and toss out anything that has holes or has mold or mildew growing on it. You can try to clean it off with bleach solution too.

To clean kids bath toys, I usually fill my tub about 1/4 full and add 1 cup of bleach. I soak them for 20 minutes. Then scrub with a brush or cloth. Next, I rinse the toys under clean, hot water to be sure all the bleach residue is gone. Next, squeeze any excess water out. Let air dry or pat dry.

There are other ways to clean kids bath toys too.

  • If they are hard, solid toys, you can put on them on top rack of your dishwasher. To sanitize, be sure the temperature is above 120°F.
  • Use vinegar to clean bath toys. Mix 4 parts of white vinegar to 1 part hot water. Submerge the bath toys in the solution or apply with a cloth.

Prevent mold on bath toys

Your best bet for keeping your kids bath toys clean is to squeeze excess water out of the toys after every bath time. My kids know they have to do this or “dirty water” will appear. Once the “dirty water” MOLD appears, we toss the toys out.  Kids love squirting water, so make this part of the routine. Then, be sure the toys can air dry between bath times. Using a mess bag or a bath toy holder like the Boon Inc Frog Pod will ensure that toys air dry completely in between bath times.

It is recommended to clean bath toys once a week. I can’t say that I get the chance but I do all the steps above to prevent mold on bath toys and it’s quite effective.

How do you clean bath toys?

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