Just Add Water for Fun Play Dates

picture of Watering each other and the garden

In the summertime, all you have to do is just add water for fun play dates. My kids had a couple friends over to play in the backyard.  It’s been so hot here in Ohio, I don’t think anyone would complain about getting a little wet.

We got out our wiggling sprinkler that not only drenched the kids with water and laughter but watered my lawn as well. I kept moving it from place to place to try to get some of the yard watered at the same time. That’s a mom for you, always multi-tasking!

picture of Back Yard Sprinkler Fun
Back Yard Sprinkler Fun

Next we got out squirt guns that we found out were broken from last year. Gotta get some good ones for the next play date. $1 ones from Walmart never last. Wonder why! LOL I ended up giving them spray bottles to use, which was just as fun. The boys ended up watering some of my garden too. Thanks boys!

picture of Watering each other and the garden
Watering each other and the garden

It was just such a fun play date, while us moms sat and chatted while looking through recipes. The kids just ran from thing to thing, landing on the playset often.

picture of Backyard Fun on Playground
Backyard Fun on Playground

You don’t have to do anything crazy for your kids to have fun summer playdates. Give them a place to run and a little bit of water and they are happy! For us, it is critical to plan play dates for our kids because we live out in the woods, not in a neighborhood. It’s good for kids to be with friends and it is always nice for moms to catch up with each other too.

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