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Teenage and adult acne is the worst. There are many creams and treatments on the market that try to help after the fact but acne is best treated by stopping it from within.  I introduced you to the local Solon, Ohio company last year with their natural Eczema treatment. My husband still uses this product when he starts to get an eczema flare up and it stops it in its tracks! It treats and prevents eczema from withing. I’m a believer!

When I was asked to check out the dermatologist developed Loma Lux Acne Pill to treat and prevent acne, I eagerly agreed!

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Loma Lux Acne Pill Natural Acne Treatment Review

Treating the problem with any condition from the inside out is always better than treating the symptoms. Most creams are just like a bandaid on the acne problem. Loma Lux Acne Pill works internally where creams can’t even tough.  This natural pill is made up of 5 minerals that are effective at clearing up pimples while soothing irritated skin.

By taking one Acne Pill a day, you skip the mess and hassle of creams. Plus, your teen’s skin won’t be irritated or dried out anymore. The thing that I always hated about acne treatments was that my skin hurt so bad after putting all the chemicals on. If I skin did clear up, it’d be dry, itchy, and hurting.  I don’t want my almost-teenager daughter and teenager son to go through that.  Treating from within is so much easier and healthier.

Speaking of healthier options.  Loma Lux Acne Pill is all natural made up of 5 powerful minerals that help your skin clear out naturally to help your body fight off acne on its own by stimulating your body’s response. Plus it is vegan, gluten-free, lactose free, and even cruelty free so most anyone can use it.

Check out before and after pictures here.

Don’t wait, start today and you or your teen will start feeling and seeing results next month. Don’t stop taking the pill after the skin is clear, this is something you’ll want to maintain. What we do is take it every morning with our vitamins.  My kids have been taking the pills for a couple weeks now and I feel like they are already seeing results. The problem is that they are not consistent in taking the pills every single day, so we are working on that. I am looking forward to seeing how it works for them because they are both experiencing acne. Out of respect for their privacy, I’m not taking pictures. Acne is such a sensitive issue whether you are a kid, teen, or adult. I like that Loma Lux Acne Pill is a very easy way to treat and prevent acne in a non-stressful way.

Customize your treatment based on your body weight for the best results.  Just like any other acne treatment, Loma Lux takes a good 2-4 weeks to start seeing results.

You can purchase Loma Lux Acne Pill on the Loma Lux website – on sale now with 15% off with free shipping on orders $35 and over.

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