Shopping for STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

Our total house remodel project continues as we work on completing our living room, stairs, and upstairs hallway.  This weekend, we went shopping for STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s. Carpeting is the least expensive flooring option available and can quickly change the entire look and feel of any room.

STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

I’m sure you have heard of STAINMASTER carpet, it is the most recognizable and trusted carpet brand on the market.  Now, STAINMASTER carpet is even better than ever with improved durability and stain resistance.   STAINMASTER carpet stays 30% cleaner and last 50% longer than other brands! What family can’t appreciate that? Since our family includes two young kids, two dogs, and we live in the woods, we needed a carpet that could stand up to our lifestyle (i.e. stains!).

We decided to shop at Lowe’s for carpet because we have trusted Lowe’s for quality products at great prices since we purchased our first home 13 years ago. We were impressed by the variety of STAINMASTER carpet at Lowe’s.  It was so exciting to browse through all of the samples to find our perfect fit.

TruSoft STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

We chose TruSoft STAINMASTER carpet for our living room – it is the softest STAINMASTER carpet on the market. One touch of the carpet pads and we were hooked!


There were so many different kinds of carpet to choose from including multiple styles, frieze, fashion forward designs, textured, Berber, loop, patterns, with different pile counts, density, and colors. After living on our very worn, very stained, very old carpet, each and every sample felt luxurious.  Plus, our Lowe’s sales specialist, Chris explained that customers love the new feel and texture of STAINMASTER carpet.

My kids even tested the large samples out on the floor!

TruSoft STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe's
Trying out TruSoft STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

Besides the amazing feel of the softest carpet I’ve ever felt, I was most impressed by the TruSoft™ carpet lifetime warranty on stains, anti-static, soil and pet accidents. Perfect for my active family!

We all agreed on the STAINMASTER TruSoft SOS Private Oasis III, it felt like it really would create an oasis in our living room. We were not certain on the color, so we brought home a color sample chart to test at home. I highly suggest you bring a sample chart home so you can see what carpet color is best with your home’s lighting, wall colors, and furniture.

My 6 year old daughter was a bit concerned about the Size of the carpet, not understanding the process of carpet shopping in the following video.

I can’t wait for our family to enjoy sitting on a plush, soft, clean carpet once it is installed!  I know we will be spending a lot more time on the floor relaxing, playing games, and with toys. I will feel so much better about my baby nephews crawling on our new carpet as well!

SolarMax STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

We decided on the SolarMax STAINMASTER carpet for our stairs and upstairs hallway.  SolarMax is made to resist fading, offers exceptional durability and is easy to clean.  We have large open windows that will expose the stairs and parts of the upstairs hallway to sunlight, so this was the perfect choice for us. The Solar Max offered a great selection of styles, textures, patterns, and colors as well.

SolarMax STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe's
SolarMax STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

We really liked the patterns and went with the Treviso Cut and Loop pattern.  We chose the Bistre Grey color as a stunning neutral color. The pattern is not bold, is easy to match up with seams, and is tight so that we don’t need to worry about our puppy snagging it. Even if our puppy would snag a loop, the cut and loop design ensure that there would never be a run because each loop is individually stitched in.

I cannot wait to see this pattern in our home, nor can I wait to feel the soft cushion under our feet instead of the hard wood we currently have.

There is also a lifetime warranty on stains, anti-static, soil and pet accidents for STAINMASTER SolarMax carpet.

Shopping for STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s

Shopping for STAINMASTER Carpet at Lowe’s was incredibly easy. Our sales specialist Chris was very helpful in helping us select carpet based on each room. He answered all of our questions and explained the differences in what we were looking at based on density, face weight, patterns, and more.  We were in and out in only 1/2 hour – quite painless, even with two young kids! If you are in the market for carpet, I suggest you stop by your local Lowe’s and check out their selection of STAINMASTER carpet for your family.

Stay tuned for a full review of our carpet selection and the installation of carpet by Lowe’s.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Lowe’s and STAINMASTER for their ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at and

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