Protect Your Family and Pets from Ticks and Pests with TruShield

Have you seen our puppy, Cali yet? She is our baby, a shepherd mix, and such a good puppy. We would do anything to keep her safe and happy.


I received services to facilitate this post.

Protect Your Family, Pets, and Lawn from Ticks and Pests with TruShield

While our TruGreen specialist Chuck was doing a lawn treatment last month, he mentioned that we should consider the TruGreen TruShield treatment to protect our puppy from fleas and ticks as well as protecting our lawn from invasive pests.

I didn’t know much about TruShield, so I did a little research before having the treatment done earlier this week. TruShield is a must for any one that has pets, children, and who wants a healthy lawn.

TruShield is a comprehensive lawn pest plan that controls pests like:

fleas – ticks – spiders – ants – grubs – and more!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using a service like TruShield because people and pets are affected by these diseased carrying pests and can cause allergic reactions as well to us all.

Protect your family and pets from ticks with TruShield

deer-tickAre you afraid of ticks like I am? You should because ticks can be deadly if they are carrying Lyme disease.

There are 30,000 cases of Lyme diseases reported to the CDC with NO protective vaccine.

The only thing you can do is stay stuck inside or fight back with TruShield. The first treatment of TruShield helps kill off active tickets and new eggs as they are hatching. Follow-up treatments every 4-6 weeks is recommended for ongoing protection.

Decision Time

Ok, it’s decision time. How safe is your family and pets from these nasty pests?


I feel so much better about the safety of my puppy and family.

How does your yard look? Is it overrun by lawn destroying pests?

Call TruGreen at 866-549-9077 to protect your family, pets, and lawn from invasive pests now.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to TruGreen who supplied the services for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the TruGreen website to get your yard started in the right direction.

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