Raised Gardening Update: Week 5

picture of Large Ohio Tomato Plant

We are now on Week 5 of our Vegetable Garden. There has been a huge change since Week 3. With all the sunshine and rain we have had, our gardens are more than double the size. We are even seeing the first tomatoes and peppers. Below, Elizabeth, my 4 year old is excited to spot tomatoes in our raised garden.

picture of Elizabeth Spots First Tomato
Elizabeth Spots First Tomato

I’ve already blogged about the Benefits of Raised Gardening. This is all in theory. What I was hoping was that I would see the benefits first hand and guess what! I have photographs that prove that raised gardening yields faster and larger produce.

Below is a shot of my son with a tomato plant in our raised garden. I bought too many seedlings this Spring for the raised garden, so I planted a couple in a flower bed elsewhere in my yard. Notice how large the below tomato plant is compared to the tomato stake. I took out the tomato stake and placed it next to the other tomato plant that was planted in an in-ground flower bed so that we could have an accurate comparison below.

picture of Large Ohio Tomato Plant
Large Ohio Tomato Plant

Check out the difference below! This tomato plant looks like it is barely growing compared to the plant in the raised garden. It doesn’t even need a stake to hold it up, there isn’t even any tomatoes growing yet!

picture of Small Ohio Tomato Plant
Small Ohio Tomato Plant

So, here are the variables.

  • Both plants were purchased at the same size, in the lot.
  • Both plants were planted the same time.
  • Both plants get relatively the same amount of sunlight daily.
  • Only the raised plant had new compost/sweet peat/topsoil.
  • Both plants were fertilized by Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer (full review on this product coming)
  • Both plants receive the same amount of watering

My conclusion is that gardening in my Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden is producing faster and larger produce. What do you think?

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