How do I stop my kids from fighting?

picture of Happy Kids on Playground

When I interviewed Supernanny Jo Frost last week, I had to ask her the question most on my mind lately. How do I stop my kids from fighting and respect eachother? I must admit that I was a little disappointed that she didn’t have a secret magic solution or spell that I could just recite. LOL What she said was really eye opening. When siblings play and even bicker back and forth, they are developing their character, problem solving, and learning how relationships work. In other words, it’s completely natural for kids to argue and fight. She said if a parent tells her that their kids never fight, they are lying to her.

So, I’ve been still on a mission to see what helps make thing run a bit smoother. It was a nice evening last night, my kids were being so cute and playing so well on our Backyard Discovery Patriot Wood Playset that I snapped a few pictures. They were on the top deck for a while discussing important kid stuff like whether the playset was a pirate ship or castle and who would be the good guy and who would be the bad guy.

picture of Kids playing on playset deck
Kids playing on playset deck

They were taking turns going down the slide and just having fun together. It’s what I want them to do all the time, you know?

picture of Elizabeth loves sliding down the spiral slide
Elizabeth loves sliding down the spiral slide

It was then that I realized something. This is huge. My kids hardly ever fight while they are on their playground. Weird, huh? I’ve never realized it before but I hardly ever feel like I have to intervene when they are playing together on the playset. Maybe it is because there is so much to do that they aren’t trying to get the same thing at the same time? Maybe it is the fresh air? Maybe it is because playsets spark creative and imaginative play? I don’t know.

I am on a mission though to figure out how to stop my kids from fighting. Otherwise, this is going to be one long and frustrating Summer! I do know one thing, my kids are playing nicer together on the playset than inside or in the car. Maybe siblings just need space from eachother? Maybe the playset gives them other challenge to overcome that they aren’t working so much on their character and relationship development as much?  What do you think?

picture of Happy Kids on Playground
Happy Kids on Playground

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Backyard Discovery who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of playsets from Backyard Discovery at

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