Swim Assist Vests that are Fun!

picture of swimming training equipment

The Swim Ways Sea Squirts Swim Assist vests are not life vests, they are swimming training aids to help your kids learn to swim. The layers of removable floatation panels help your kids have buoyancy to help them learn proper position when swimming. It aids in stability when learning proper swimming techniques.

Your kids will love, love, love the fun styles of the swim assist vests – perfect for kids that like to pretend to be animals and play dress up. Your kids can be a clown fish like Nemo, a black orca, blue dolphin, or pink dolphin. I’m sure they all act like they are sharks though – mine do! I have found adults like the styles too. Check out the lady laughing at my daughter’s pink dolphin vest below. She couldn’t get over it and asked where to buy one!

picture of Wearing Swim Ways Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest
Swim Ways Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest

My 5 year old daughter Elizabeth really likes wearing her dolphin vest. She says it helps her swim and it does. She is trying more and more swimming techniques when she wears the vest than when she doesn’t. It doesn’t give her the floatation that a life vest would give. The Swim Assist Vest gives kids the confidence they need to try to swim and actually learn how to swim. It is an amazing product!

picture of Wearing Swim Ways Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest
Wearing Swim Ways Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest

It teaches kids proper positioning by giving them better balance by reducing forward tipping. It gives kids better control and stability when swimming.

picture of Dolphin Swim Assist Vest
Dolphin Swim Assist Vest

What I like about this product is that you can gradually wean your child away from the need to use this product with the removeable floatation panels until they eventually don’t need it at all!

The swim assist vests are super soft with a neoprene fabric, so it is comfortable for kids to wear. They won’t want to take it off. My daughter wears her swim assist vest even at home!

My daughter and her friends like to take turns wearing her vest. I recommend this to any kid learning to swim – and I do recommend it at the pool every single time she wears it because I get tons of people asking. My daughter is always happy to let the other kids try it out at the pool, it is such a fun product!

More Swimming Training Equipment

This product is available in 3 sizes to fit kids ages 2-7. Small fits 19-22″ chest measurement. Medium fits 22-24″ chest measurement. Large fits 24-26″ chest measurement.

SwimWays offers a variety of swimming training equipment to help teach your kids how to swim such as Baby Spring Floats, Swim Vests, Swimmies Arm Floaties, Swim Kickboards, Swim Sweaters, and the Power Swimr. We also use the SwimWays Power Swimr Swimming Aid which provides more buoyancy with adjustable floatation panels on both the belly and back areas.

Buy SwimWays – Swimming Aids

You can buy the SwimWays  – Swimming Aids at a variety of stores. Find your local store here.  In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find it at Walmart, Kmart, and Litehouse Store. Or buy on Amazon.com.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to SwimWays who supplied the products for the review.

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