NIrV Early Reader Bibles for Kids Ages 6-10

You have probably heard of the NIV Bible, but have you heard of the NIrV? The “r” stands for reader. NIrV Bibles are meant for younger kids’ reading skills. They take larger words out and break them down to smaller words that kids ages 5-10 can read understand. This allows early readers to be able to actually read and understand their own Bible. My son, Elijah is in second grade. Finding a Bible that is easy enough for him to read AND still look like a big kid Bible is important to him. Luckily, Zondervan has two NIrV Early Reader Bibles for Kids Ages 6-10 that are perfect.

NIrV Early Reader Bibles
NIrV Early Reader Bibles

We received the following Bibles to facilitate this review.

NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers

The NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers NIrV  is for kids ages 6-9. It is based on the bestselling Adventure Bible for ages 9-12. The difference is that is is written specifically for early readers that want to explore the Bible on their own.

NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers
NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers

This is a full “real” Bible with full chapters and verses, not abridged Bible stories found in Bibles for 4-7 year old kids or younger. Your child can dive deeper into their Bible with the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers to learn the rest of the story. My son is amazed at the amount of detail found in this Bible. He keeps asking me, “Did you know that….” I just love it! He is learning so much.

The NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers is a fun jungle safari theme that both girls and boys enjoy. The Bible really is an adventure that you learn and live your entire life, this Bible is a good starting point for early readers. It has 20 color pages throughout with with games, a scavenger hunt, and key Bible themes to know and understand like: The Life of Christ, What is Faith?, How to Pray and more. There are also 8 pages of color maps so you and your child can see where stories took place.

The NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers features:

Life in Bible Times – Kids find it fascinating to learn about how life in Bible times were. It also helps give a better basis for the passage that it is located in as well.

People in Bible Times – We hear the names but don’t know much of the back-story, this section revels more about amazing people of the Bible.

Did You Know? – These offer fun facts that you wouldn’t ever know, and it helps understand the passages.

Let’s Live It! – Sometimes is  hard to know how to translate what you are learning into real life changes in your own life. The Let’s Live It! sections give real hands-on activities that will help your kids live out what they are learning.  Like asking God and other for forgiveness, asking wise people questions for wisdom, and being a “good shepherd” to your younger brothers or sisters.

Words to Treasure – Bible memorization is important. There are Words to Treasure boxes that highlight great verses to memorize for truth your child can recall for years to come.

Dictionary/concordance – Even though it is a NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers, there will still be tricky words, the dictionary in the back help explain those.

Book Introductions – Even as an adult, I like book introductions. This is a great way for kids to learn the basics about the book of the Bible before they start reading it.

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NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible

The NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible is written for kids ages 6-9.  It is an easy-to read format with answers to 500 questions that kids ask!  It is written for early readers so that they can dive into the Bible to find the answers to all of their questions and learn more about the familiar stories they learned when they were younger.

NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible
NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible

The NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible is written at a 3rd graders reading level, so young readers can start reading the Bible on their own. It is still great to read with your child but having a Bible that kids can read on their own is empowering.


The NIrV Kid’s Quest Study Bible features:

  • 500 real questions and answers from kids – with each question there is an answer and Bible verses to further explain the answers. For instance, “Did children in Bible times color?” They didn’t color with crayons but did draw pictures and play games, etc. Read Zechariah 8:5 and Matthew 18:2-5
  • Quest Challenges – They start off with a question, then give kids a real life challenge. Follow up scripture is also noted to reveal more.
  • Book introductions – Each book has an introduction that describes who wrote the book, why it was written, who it was written for, when it was written, and key teachings.
  • Dictionary and Subject Guide – If your child had a word they need to look up or if they want to search by topic, they can find it here.
  • Cartoons – The use of cartoons in the call outs and throughout make the Bible exciting to look at and enjoyable to pick up and read.

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