My Preschooler Loves to Learn with Hot Dots Jr – Pete The Cat!

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The Hot Dots Jr – Pete the Cat activity books have been a huge hit in my house! My daughter is 3 and she loves Pete the Cat so I knew this would be a fun way for her to learn! hot dots jrThis is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links which means, at no extra cost to you, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Hot Dots Jr. – Pete the Cat Set

The set comes with 2 activity books, a Pete the Cat “pen”, reward stickers, and a recognition award. You can also purchase a separate “pen” if you have 2 kiddos that would like to play. I keep saying “pen” because it is not really a pen but more of a stylist of sorts. Kids use the “pen” to select the answer dot and Pete the Cat plays 10 tunes and the eyes light up green or red for answer reinforcement. Choose the correct answer and Pete’s eyes light up green and it plays a happy tune. Choose the incorrect answer and Pete’s eyes turn red and play a different tune.

What I really like about the pen is that there are volume controls and you can even mute it! Please tell me you have had to break out the tape to put over speakers because the volume of the toy is SO LOUD and there are no controls? It has happened to us a lot. This pen has low or high volume and the ability to mute it as well. I like the mute because I think that would work well for waiting in doctors offices or something like that!

A Nice Mix Of Age Appropriate and Challenging Questions

Since my daughter is 3 and this book is meant for kids ages 3-4, I think it has a nice mix of questions she can answer and ones that offer a challenge.

It is definitely one that we sit down together to do since the questions need read aloud! It is a nice tool for us to use to play and learn at the same time.

She stays interested for awhile, I think mostly because of the interaction that the “pen” provides in lighting up and playing tunes!

The activities encourage a wide range of skills, from counting to matching to letter recognition and sounds to shapes to patterns and so much more! 

Hot Dots For Different Ages and Stages

There are tons of Hot Dots and Hot Dots Jr sets and they come in all different age levels. The one I have been referencing has been the Pete the Cat one for preschoolers but there is one for Kindergarten as well.

The Pete the Cat pen works with all Hot Dots and Hot Dots Jr sets which is nice so that you can use it even after your child outgrows the preschool activities!

You can purchase Hot Dots Jr – Pete the Cat on Educational Insights Website or on Amazon!

Pete The Cat – The Missing Cupcake Board Game

The other Pete the Cat item we recently got is this board game!

My daughter is at the age that she is starting to enjoy and want to play board games. It’s a lot of fun to play with her. Especially when she decides to make up her own rules. That’s usually how it goes… we read the rules and try to teach her and she is like no, no, no! Let’s do this. And we usually just go with it because… well, she’s 3 and there is usually no talking her out of it! haha!

She was so excited about her new Pete The Cat board game. Not only do we play the game together, but she also likes to play with the cupcakes separately. She also plays with the cards separately and uses them as flash cards.

This Pete the Cat game is a really cute board game and as you can see it can be used in all kinds of ways to create fun and entertainment for toddlers!


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