simplehuman sink caddy Review

picture of simplehuman sink caddy

How do you keep your sink sponges, scrub brushes, and veggie brushes within reach at your kitchen sink? Are they kept neat and tidy or all over the counter and at the bottom of the sink? Before I found the simplehuman sink caddy, all of my sink cleaning products were either at the bottom of a messy pile of dishes or hanging out on the county. The simplehuman sink caddy has really cleaned up and organized my sink.

simplehuman sink caddy Review

When I first installed my simplehuman sink caddy, I knew it was going to change my kitchen sink forever. I was tired of having my kitchen scrub brush burried under a pile of dirty dishes and not being able to use it to clean anything because it was covered in soup, cereal, or other yucky stuff. Plus, whenever I used a sponge, it never had a place to completely dry. And, my veggie brush had the same problem as my scrub brush.

Attaching the simplehuman sink caddy to your sink is a cinch. It comes with 4 suction cups and a wire ledge hanger for a secure grip to your sink. It doesn’t fall off, move, slide, or anything. It is secure, even when filled with items.

picture of simplehuman sink caddy
simplehuman sink caddy

The simplehuman sink caddy comes with removable (and washable) plastic dividers which makes it great to store sponges separately so they can dry completely or remove them for larger items like a veggie brush.

picture of simplehuman sink caddy without dividers
simplehuman sink caddy without dividers

It also comes with a pop-out silicone scrub brush holder for the longer scrub brushes that I can’t live without! My usual products include my long scrub brush, my veggie brush, and my Dispose-It Guard. Three products that I use multiple times daily.

picture of simplehuman sink caddy
simplehuman sink caddy

The simplehuman sink caddy is a beautiful stainless steel, making it a desirable addition to any sink. Now that I have my simplehuman sink caddy, I don’t know what I did without it! A little kitchen organization goes a long way to having a neat and tidy (let alone cleaner & healthier) kitchen sink.

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You can buy the simplehuman sink caddy for $16.99 on the simplehuman website. Get FREE shipping on all orders $49 or more. Also available and on

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to simplehuman who supplied the products for the review.

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