Too hot to mow the grass

By now, the fun of mowing the grass has worn off for most people, if it was ever there to begin with! It’s just too hot to mow the grass. Last year, we seeded our 1 acre lot so there wasn’t much mowing going on. This year, we’ve discovered that there is a LOT of grass to mow (and even more weeds but that is another post!).

We typically mow the grass just once every 1-1/2 weeks since we live in a mostly shaded area, sometimes more often. It use to take up 2-1/2 – 3 hours to mow with our push mower. That is precious time in the summer, especially when it is this hot!

Earlier this season, we were introduced to the Weedeater SmartCUT. This is one of the best things to happen to our summer. It not only saves us a lot of time but also all the effort of pushing a lawnmower up all of our hills in this humid, hot summer. We now spend about 1 hour mowing our grass, which is nothing!

picture of SmartCUT by Weedeater
SmartCUT by Weedeater

I must admit that I like mowing grass, even with a push mower.

I like the smell of fresh cut grass too, don’t you?

I like getting outside, having time to myself, and seeing progress being made.

I like mowing even more with the SmartCUT because let’s face it, riding a mower is a lot more fun than pushing one. I get a little adventurous with the speed settings sometimes as I race up and down our hills. My husband looks a little concerned at times but I have it all under control.  I do like that it saves a lot of time mowing though, it is actually bearable to mow in this hot weather when all you are doing is riding. :)

A SmartCUT’ feature that I really like is the tight turning radius, it is easy to navagate around trees. I do still need to use the trimmer around the smaller trees but that is to be expected even with a push-behind mower.

If you would like more information on the SmartCUT by Weedeater, please visit their website.

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