Upgrade Your Bedding for Better Sleep

Although there is no magic number for each individual, according to the National Sleep Foundation adults should get between 7-9 hours of shut-eye every night. When you don’t get enough sleep you:

  • have a decreased ability to pay attention and remember information
  • run the risk of higher body mass index
  • increase your risk of diabetes and heart problems
  • at risk for psychiatric conditions.

About 30% of the country in the workforce don’t get enough sleep, sleeping only 6 hours or less per night. Not getting the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended 7-9 hours of sleep nightly can pose serious and even fatal risk results while on the workforce.

Sleep Better

The National Sleep Foundation recommends turning your bedroom into a sanctuary from the stresses of your day.

NovosBed Silk Duvet & Pima Sheets

I received product to facilitate this post.

75% of people state that the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding are important to a good night’s rest. Experts agree that the fabric used in bedding should have the ability to wick away moisture and not overheat your body, like the NovosBed Silk Duvet that is made with 100% Mulberry Silk. This material is hypoallergenic, a natural insulator that is lightweight, yet keeps you warm.

Many make the mistake of selecting bedding based only on price and convenience. They opt for the bed in the bag with everything inclusive for a small price. At first, the bedding looks and feels nice but belong long and after several washes, the fabric begins to break down, the pattern fades, and the bedding becomes worn and unattractive. At this point, the choice is between keeping what you have, buying the same sort of product again or upgrading to a quality product.

NovosBed Silk Duvet & Pima Sheets

Save time, money, and hassle by selecting high quality bedding from the beginning. Novosbed offers luxurious bedding that will stand the test of time, offering a longer lifespan by more than double. Not only is Novosbed bedding beautiful but the comfort it provides is unparallelled.  It turns an ordinary bedroom into a restful retreat as you are wrapped in luxurious bedding that will lull you to sleep and offer a restful night’s sleep every time.

We have been enjoying the Novosbed Duvet & Pima Sheets for a couple months now and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I would never have thought bedding could make such a difference in one’s life. I was pleased with the improvement it made in the aesthetics of our master bedroom from the beginning. The bedding gave it a serene look and overall feeling. It is amazing how one product can offer such an as DIY bedroom transformation.

What I have come to find out over time is how that transformation carries over into a more personal way. Sleep is so important. As the National Sleep Foundation concludes, many Americans don’t get enough sleep. When they do, it isn’t restful. Sleep is important for our health and well-being. There are many elements to achieving such quality sleep. I never considered bedding because such an intrequale part of this equasion, well, I have found this to be ture.

Learn more about the importance of sleep from the National Sleep Foundation with this info graphic.


Novosbed bedding turns each night’s sleep into a restful, spa-like retreat. If you are tired of buying bedding over and over, or if you bedding is getting thin and unattractive, consider upgrading to the high quality bedding from Novosbed. I’m glad we did!

Order bedding on the Novosbed website, all is shipped within 1 business day. Plus, it ships FREE. You will receive your items within 2-10 business days.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to NovosBed who provided the product for review.

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