Use a Laundry Booster for Cleaner Clothes

Use a laundry booster for cleaner clothes and to get more out of your laundry detergent. I’ve used OxiClean for years in my laundry. When I tried to save a few pennies in years past, I skipped it and noticed that my family’s clothing had more stains, the whites weren’t as white and the colors not as bright. It doesn’t pay to save money on a laundry booster – it is well worth it for the benefits! I was sent an assortment of OxiClean products to facilitate this post – some I’ve tried and other I had not until now.

Use a Laundry Booster for Cleaner Clothes

The OxiClean formula uses active oxygen to power through to reach stains that are deep into the fabric.  It also helps to get your whites whiter and colors brighter with the built-in optical brightener.  OxiClean offers a few different laundry booster products including the traditional powder form, a liquid form, and power paks.

I have used OxiClean for years. Just add a scoop to your laundry to ensure cleaner clothes that come out clean and stain free. You can use it as a laundry booster and as a pre-treater – I’ve used it both ways for years.  It simply works!

This was the first time I’ve tried the  OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter Liquid. It works just as good as the powder form but easier for those that prefer a liquid version. You can use it to pre-treat clothes as well.

I really like the convenience of the OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter Power Paks. Just pop one in any load of laundry that needs a little extra help – you know – the loads with grass-stained knees, and kids clothes with juice and paint spots! The power paks boost your laundry detergent to get out extra tough stains while keeping whites white and colors bright.

What I was most excited to try was the OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick. It has a special applicator that is easy to use and gets the product deep into clothing fibers. My daughter played in the backyard in the ashes of our firepit of all places last week. To top it off, she had on her new Appaman shorts on that I had received for a review and had not yet taken pictures of. Yikes!! That could be a really embarrassing problem as a blogger review!


OR it could make for excellent content for an OxiClean post! 🙂 I used the gel stick on her new shorts to get off not only ashes and dirt but grass stains! I had my fingers crossed as I thew it in my Maytag washer.

Check it out!! Clean, bright, and as good as new!! OxiClean works!

Sports Uniform Care

As if kids don’t get enough stains on them, now it is Summer sports season. There will be plenty of stains on kids sports uniforms -attack them with OxiClean. Check out this Sports Uniform Care Guide to see how you can keep your kids sports uniforms looking newer for longer!

Before and after pictures always sells a product for me. Check out this uniform before and after picture!


OxiClean is a must-have in any home with kids! Let your kids be kids, don’t worry about them getting their clothes dirty or stained – it’ll come out with OxiClean – I promise! Don’t do what I did and try to save money by skipping the laundry booster. You’ll actually cost yourself more money in ruined, dingy clothes. I recommend using OxiClean as a laundry booster for cleaner clothes that are whiter, brighter, and stain free.

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Get Dishes Cleaner with a Booster

A few years ago, dish detergent formulas were change to be more environmentally friendly because of the dishwasher detergent and nutrient runoff law. The law was put into pace to reduce phosphorus runoff into waterbodies.  This new phosphate-free formula has left many dishes like glassware with a filmy coating. Also many companies are offering new, improved formulas with packs, you may want to consider a product like the OxiClean Dishwashing Booster. This booster gives your dishwasher detergent a “supercharge” to fight tough stains like the cloudy film coating your glasses.

My Amana Tall Tub dishwasher does an amazing job cleaning my dishes – it’s just as much about the machine you use as the products you put in to clean dishes in my book. I don’t use cheap dishwasher detergent either – they just don’t work. I haven’t had a huge problem with cloudy dishes as long as I use dishwasher packs, however, I have noticed this problem with traditional powder detergents. As I learned during my World of Whirlpool trip,  all-in-one detergents offer the best performance. Since removing phosphates from dish detergents, manufacturers are spending all their research and money on the all-in-one products, so they are providing better results than powders or gels. A rinse aid is still recommended.

I tried the Oxi Clean Dishwasher Booster and did notice a difference. My dishes, especially my glassware came out spotless with no residue or cloudy film. They were squeaky clean.  For the first cleaning, you can add a couple squirts of the booster into the bottom of the dishwasher, which is what I did. Then, afterwards, you can use it in your rinse agent dispenser for daily use.

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