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picture of Cindy Orley on Fox 8 News set

I was super-excited to be able to demo my Perfect Potato Pockets recipe on Cleveland’s Fox 8 News last week. Thankfully my sister, Michelle was able to record and rip a DVD for me. See my video below!

Updated: 8/2017 I won the title of America’s Favorite Crescent Cook! Check out the full recipe for my Perfect Potato Pockets here.

picture of America's Favorite Pillsbury Crescent Cook Winner
America’s Favorite Pillsbury Crescent Cook Winner

The newscasters and Fox 8 staff were wonderful at making me feel at ease which is a good thing because I was very nervous. I thought I’d fall, say the wrong thing or who knows what! lol  I am a Pillsbury  Finalist, looking for votes everywhere to become America’s Favorite Crescent Cook. I thought being part of the Fox 8 Recipe Box Segment was a perfect place to start!

Please be sure to vote for me daily until Dec 31, 2010. Each time you vote for me, you are entered to win $5,000. :) Once you enter your data the first time, you can just login with your email and password, check mark my name CINDY ORLEY – the redhead, then hit ENTER at the bottom of the screen. It will bring you to a page that says “Thank you for entering the My Crescent Wow Sweepstakes! Come back tomorrow to enter and vote again.”

What do you think about my TV Debut?

I hope you will try my recipe soon. Your family will love it! Please vote at and tell your friends! :)

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31 thoughts on “Video of Cindy Orley on Fox 8

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks so much Judy! I appreciate you taking time to vote for me. I was more at ease on TV than I expected, the Fox 8 people were so easy to talk to!

  2. Judy B. says:

    Looks really good. I can’t wait to try. I like almost anything in “pockets”. Also voted for you today. Good luck!

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks Amy! I am actually in the LEAD! But this could change anytime because it is all up to people voting for me or the other ladies. :) Please keep voting for me so I can win! I really, really want to remodel my kitchen. Plus, every time you vote for me, you are entered to win $5,000 too. :)

  4. amy says:

    Oh I hope they choose you, so friendly and everyday mom – yet you look great on camera. My husband would love these! I voted fo you – I think you are number two in the lineup – hope you are number one soon!

  5. Cindy says:

    Thanks, Greata! I was surprised to be offered the chance. I’m such a quiet person normally, it stretched me. :) I am just trying really, really, really hard to win the Pillsbury Crescent Cook contest so I can remodel my kitchen. It’s amazing what we will try!

  6. Cindy says:

    Thanks, Steph! I was nervous but did feel more relaxed once I got started with the recipe. The recipe is simple so I knew I couldn’t mess that up! lol

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