What is in Your Refrigertor? Paper or Plastic? #ChooseCartons

picture of My Refrigerator

Choosing paper cartons and packaging is an easy way to “go green”. Evergreen Packaging is on a mission to educate consumers on the benefits of using paper vs plastic through ChooseCartons.com.  This Eco-friendly packaging option can help the environment in several ways.  They are light-weight and have a good product-to-package ration. That means that you are taking home 94% product and only 6% packaging.

Plus, you can recycle paper and paper cartons! Can you recycle cartons in your community? Find out here. More than 41 million households can, so chances are good you can too. Cartons are made up of renewable materials, over 70% of that is paper.

How Recycling Paper Cartons Works

What is in Your Refrigertor? Paper or Plastic? Go on a Fridge Hunt

Here is a challenge for you! Go on a fridge hunt to discover what items are made of paper packaging, plastic packaging and waht is recyclable. I went on a fridge hunt to take inventory and these are my results.

In the main portion of my Amana refrigerator, I have more plastic than anything. Granted, a couple items are my pitchers that I use over and over. I didn’t realize I had so much plastic in my refrigerator. Honestly, I never thought about it.  I have plenty of paper packaging too including baking soda, Half & Half paper carton, cheese roll, Wholly Guacamole, Egg Beaters paper carton, and box of marshmallows.

picture of My Refrigerator
My Refrigerator

I was pleased to notice that in the refrigerator door, I had mostly paper packaged products or products that are made of glass and can be recycled.  Mostly all of my condiments are in glass bottles that can be recycled. Other paper items include butter, juice boxes, and a variety of Pillsbury items like cookies, pie crust, and crescent rolls.

picture of The inside of my fridge door
The inside of my fridge door

From this choosecartons.com challenge, I now have my eyes opened to the importance of choosing my products with the packaging in mind. Before now, I never thought about it. Now, I will be more conscious of it. Check out this infographic on the life of a carton.

#ChooseCartons to Make a Difference for Those in Need

Evergreen Packaging donates to Habitat for Humanity, the more the message of choosing cartons continues, the more they will donate to this worthy cause. When you share facts about cartons on twitter or facebook, Evergreen will donate to Habitat to Humanity. Once they hit 1,500 tweets and/or posts, they will donate $15,000! Click here to find pre-composed tweets and facebook shares that you can share with the click of a button.

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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Evergreen and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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