Where Would You Use a Disposable Toothbrush?

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I love having fresh breath. When I was in college, I brushed after every meal and before class. It was easy because I’d stop by my dorm room. As a busy mom, I don’t have the time or luxury of brushing whenever I need and want fresh breath. I’ve tried gum and mints, but they don’t give me the fresh breath or clean teeth as when I actually brush my teeth.  I certainly can’t take a toothbrush with me everywhere I go! What if there was a disposable toothbrush that didn’t require water?! Well, now there is! Introducing Colgate Wisp!

Colgate WISP Review

Colgate WISP gives you the just-brushed-your-teeth feeling and freshness anytime and anywhere. Essentially, a Colgate WISP is a  mini disposable toothbrushes that don’t require water to brush. They are just 3-1/2″ long and flat.  This makes them easy to throw in your purse, book bag, or lunch bag.

We brought a couple bags of Colgate WISP with us on our beach vacation last week.  We used them while out and about, on the beach, and while traveling.

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My husband was addicted to them, especially while we were traveling. Having clean, fresh breath is the best way to stop you from munching on snacks while driving 10 hours in a car for sure!

I like that Colgate WISP are easy to use, even for kids. Simply open the individually wrapped Wisp and brush as you normally do with a regular toothbrush.  The Wisp has a freshening bead that releases the minty flavor and liquid as you brush. There is no need or water or to rinse. I also like that there is a soft pick at the end of the handle to reach spaces between your teeth. How many times have you wished for floss or a pick after discovering in your rear-view mirror that you still had part of lunch stuck between your teeth?! Too many times for me!

My kids are so use to using the disposable toothbrushes that my son asked that I pack a WISP in his lunch bag!  Isn’t that awesome?! It is a great way to protect your kids teeth while they are away from home.

picture of Packing disposable toothbrush in lunch bag
Packing a disposable toothbrush in lunch bag

With school sports around the corner, packing a WISP with their sports gear is a must too.  There are so many places to use the Colgate WISP: after meals, at school, in the car, on vacation, after snacks, at the movies, before sports, at the office, before a meeting, etc. I keep a bag in the car and one in my purse all the time now! They are super convenient, you really can brush anywhere, anytime with them.

If you are worried about the Colgate Wisps turning into waste, don’t be. Colgate Wisps are Green.  You can recycle with Terracycle, keeping them out of landfills.

Where Would You Use a Disposable Toothbrush?

Tell us below where you would use a Colgate WISP.

Buy Colgate WISP

You can buy Colgate WISP in a 4-pack for about $2.39 or a value 16 pack for just $5.49. Try Peppermint (my fave) and Icy Bubble flavors.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Colgate who provided the products for review.

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