My Yellow Balloon: Helping with Bereavement

At some point in life we all suffer the loss of something or someone. As adults we struggle but knew how to better express ourselves and out needs, Children don’t. Maybe the loss is your child’s favorite stuffed animal, or your family pet, maybe like in my case it’s a loved one. Kelton was 3.5 years old when my husband passed away and books about grief provided the biggest help in coping.

My Yellow Balloon a book for children about grief.
My Yellow Balloon a book for children about grief.

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The Yellow Balloon

My Yellow Balloon is a book about experiencing grief. It’s set in the 1930’s and a sweet little boy named Joey befriends a magical yellow balloon. The balloon and Joey do everything together until one day when the balloon slips away.  The book changes from it’s bright colors to black and white, when Joey losses his balloon. With the color and tone of the story changing, I watched as Kelton understood loss on a level that I had never found the right words to explain.


Joey and his yellow balloon.
Joey and his yellow balloon.

Coping with Loss

After the yellow balloon is gone Joey experiences the stages of grief. For such a little one it’s so hard. I remember I struggled to help Kelton because he was so young, this book would have been helpful even at such a young age ( He was 3 years old). I love seeing Joey as he begins to accept his loss, it’s not easy and I feel like My Yellow Balloon shows the reality with out the fear.

My son and late Husband.
My son and his Papa.

I’ll Feel You with Me

In the end the color returns and the springtime sun reminds Joey of his missing yellow balloon. But instead of being sad, Joey accepts the remind of his friend and embraces that no matter what they will always be a part of each other. I had to smile about the sun being the reminder since Kelton’s reminder is the constellation Orion. It was his Papa’s middle name and when ever he feels sad we try to find it in the nights sky. I love telling Kelton about moments like the one above, It helps keep him remembering the good times they had and that Papa is always with him. You can read a little more about our story here.

Another memory that Kelton holds on to.
Another memory that Kelton holds on to.

Providing Hope

Everyday people in the world go through the same loss that Kelton and I have. Children aren’t as well equipped to explain themselves or tell us what they need. My Yellow Balloon can provide them with some understanding of how they may being feeling and provide hope that one day they will feel “normal” again. This book is perfect not only for a loved ones passing but I could see where My Yellow Balloon would help with an animals passing, it could even come in handy for helping with coping during a divorce.

Another View and Giveaway

Please check out Megan’s view on My Yellow Balloon and enter to win a copy for your child or a child who you know, who may be going though the hardest of life’s moments.



This was not a paid post. All opinions and views are my own.


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