Make Chores Fun with Instant Gratification Chore Chart

instant gratification chore chart

This Instant Gratification Chore Chart is so motivating that I have had to actually tell my kids to stop doing too many chores, even on their birthdays! They are eager to earn their rewards by doing chores left and right!

instant gratification chore chart
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Get instructions on how to make your own chart and print downloads below!

This is a sponsored post for Smucker’s. All opinions are my own.

Instant Gratification Chore Chart

There are many benefits of chores for kid, they teach kids a sense responsibility, respect, and life skills they will need as grownups. Some chores are just expected with no reward like cleaning bedrooms, personal care, setting the table, putting away dirty dishes, etc. However, we compensate other chores with money, treats, and rewards as a thanks for a job well done.

What my kids love about this Instant Gratification Chore Chart is that they can control exactly how much money they earn and the rewards they want the most. They love getting ‘paid’ right away for the chores instead of waiting for Fridays for payment.instant gratification chore chart

In addition to money, I have many rewards that my kids can earn with the Instant Gratification Chore Chart. Typically, my kids make around $5 a week in allowance money. With this chart, they can earn more if they work more. Doesn’t it work like that in real life? This chore chart teaches work ethic skills and motivates them to work hard. I like this a lot more than my kids just expected their ‘paycheck’ at the end of the week.

My kids love getting their .50¢ to $1 per chore instantly. However, they also like working for things like staying up an extra 1/2 hour, picking the movie for family movie night, picking their favorite park to take a hike, and having a fun outing with mom and dad too. These rewards are “free” to parents but a great motivator for kids of all ages.instant gratification chore chart

Another good motivator is a special treat. My kids love to get a sweet treat, especially after school. Normally we reserve dessert for after dinner. My kids love it when I add a sweet treat in the Instant Gratification Chore Chart likes these Sugar-Free Brownies from Pillsbury.  It is the perfect treat for after an active chore like picking up sticks in the yard, shoveling the snow, and vacuuming the carpets! instant-gratification-chores-2

My kids are both Type 1 Diabetics, an auto-immune disease that means they must receive insulin for every carbohydrate they consume. There are carbs in basically everything we eat (apples, juice, brownies, bread, broccoli, etc). Type 1 is different than Type 2 Diabetes, diet and exercise has nothing to do with it. However, we do have to count carbs for everything we consume and try to limit it as much as possible.

I like that Pillsbury has a delicious Chocolate Fudge brownie mix and frosting that is sugar free. pillsbury-sugar-free-browniesThis means less carbs because sugar substitute has less carbs than sugar. Typically an average brownie without frosting is around 35 carbs per serving. With the Pillsbury Sugar-Free Brownies, that number is reduced to about 20!

Trust me, there these delicious brownies do not lack in any sweetness or flavor. They are super moist and fudgy. Add the sugar-free frosting and you have a decadent treat that makes for the perfect reward for any chore!pillsbury-sugar-free-brownies-2 I like that Pillsbury offers variety when it comes to their products like the sugar-free brownies, gluten-free brownie mix, Purely Simple (no colors, preservatives or artificial flavors), as well as flavors like mocha and Girl Scout Mint. Pillsbury offers something for every brownie lover!

I’ve been cooking with my kids since they were toddlers. It wasn’t until I started writing this post did I realize that my kids are the perfect age to start preparing simple family meals as part of their chores. I found a great listing of age-appropriate chores for toddlers to teenagers on the Focus on the Family website. I added a few, like “Prepare a family meal” to my kids’ chore chart.


As a reward for preparing a meal for the family, my kids get to choose a favorite dessert as their reward.

It was no surprise that they chose my Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies. They are our favorite go-to dessert for parties, gatherings, and dessert at home all year long. They are quick and easy to make and taste heavenly.double-chocolate-raspberry-brownies

Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies Recipe

My Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies are super easy to make on a weeknight or in larger batches for parties.

double chocolate raspbery brownies
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Start with a box of Pillsbury Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix – dark chocolate is best for this recipe but the Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix works well too. Besides the ingredients for the brownie mix, all you need is Smucker’s Natural Red Raspberry Fruit Spread, chocolate chips, whipping cream, and fresh raspberries.SAM_0716

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Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
  1. Preheat oven to 350° for metal or glass pan or 325° for dark coated pans.
  2. Place aluminum foil in bottom of pan and coat with no-stick cooking spray.
  3. Combine Pillsbury Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix, oil, water, and eggs in large bowl.
  4. Spread brownie mix in 13" x 9" pan.
  5. Bake for 28-31 minutes.
  6. Cool completely.
  7. Spread Smucker's Natural Red Raspberry Fruit Spread on top of brownies.
  8. Place semi-sweet chocolate chips and whipping cream in a medium size microwaveable bowl, heat for 2 minutes.
  9. Stir until fully incorporated.
  10. Pour chocolate mixture over brownies and spread evenly.
  11. Place fresh raspberries on top of the chocolate.
  12. Cool in refrigerator until completely cooled, about a hour.
  13. Remove brownies from pan by lifting by the aluminum foil and place on cutting board.
  14. Trim edges of brownies to ensure clean cuts.
  15. Cut brownies into the size brownies you'd like.

I had intended to prepare the dessert for my kids since it was a reward for doing a chore, however they wanted to make the brownies – even better! I love seeing my kids working together. SAM_0782

A trick to make it easy to cut into perfect slices is to use a generous amount of aluminum foil to the dish before baking. Spray it with a cooking spray. Later on, you’ll lift the entire brownies out by the foil to make perfect cuts. Plus, the dish is clean so there is no clean-up!

Once you prepare the brownie mix as directed on the box, bake and allow to cool on the counter.  Spread a generous amount of Smucker’s Natural Red Raspberry Spread over the brownies. I use about 4-6 tablespoons, you can add as much as you’d like. I really like the Smucker’s spread because it has a delicious flavor, is all natural, and includes no GMOs.SAM_0739

Next, melt the chocolate chips and whipping cream in the microwave and whisk until fully incorporated. If your child is older like mine, they can even help with this. Just be sure the bowl doesn’t get too hot. Pour the melted chocolate over the raspberry layer. Smooth to ensure it is even over the brownies.SAM_0742

Place a pint of washed and dried raspberries over the melted chocolate.  You can place them haphazardly or if you want a uniform look, figure out how you want to cut the brownies and place a raspberry accordingly. SAM_0749

Once the brownies have cooled in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, pull the brownies out by the aluminum foil, and place on a cutting board. Trim the edges with a knife to make perfect, uniform edges. (Eat the trimmings!) These brownies are rich and flavorful, so cut according to who you will be serving and the number of guests. We vary the sizes all the time, usually based on carbs. SAM_0837

For this recipe, I cut in generous rectangle shaped sizes. They really are the perfect dessert for your family and for parties – trust me, everyone will love them and ask for the recipe. SAM_0860

The secret ingredient that makes this recipe exquisite is the Pillsbury Dark Chocolate brownie mix. It is always moist, rich, and tempting.  This brownie mix makes my Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies easy to make – even tweens can prepare it.SAM_0850

How to Make Instant Gratification Chore Chart

  1. I used a hanging jewelry organizer that I found at 5Below, similar to this one I found online.
  2. Create and print chore chart list. You can use the lists I made clicking on the following links:
    Instant Gratification Chore Chart Page 1
    Instant Gratification Chore Chart Page 2
    Instant Gratification Chore Chart Page 3
    Instant Gratification Chore Chart Page 4
    Instant Gratification Chore Chart Blank
  3. I measured the clear plastic pockets and made boxes a little smaller with the chores written inside. Cut the chore papers out and place in the pockets.
  4. Download, edit, and print these Instant Gratification Chore Chart Rewards. When your child completes a chores, have them turn the paper over and take their reward. Once the papers are all turned over you know the chores that week are done.

Be sure to print additional chores to add to the mix each week. For instance, I don’t need our baseboards cleaned every week so I’ll take that out of the chore chart next week and replace it with something like organize the hall closet or another thing that doesn’t need repeated weekly.

More Ways to Make Chores Fun

In addition to my Instant Gratification Chore Chart, we’ve found many other ways to make chores fun.

  • Create a custom play list and race through the list before the music stops.
  • Watch TV while doing chores like folding laundry.
  • Role play that you are a famous actor/actress shooting a movie or other famous person while cleaning – it can get silly!
  • Switch it up – mix in new chores to your chart every week to keep the chart always new and exciting.
  • Add new rewards to your chore chart to keep kids motivated to continue. My kids especially like one-on-one time with parents as rewards.
  • Make it a race or game between siblings.
  • Play ‘go-fish’ with a basket of clean socks.
  • Have kid-sized cleaning tools for your little ones.
  • Make it a family event – when everyone is doing their part, chores go faster and provides one-on-one time to chat while cleaning.

Chores teach valuable lessons for children. If you choose to compensate the chores with money like I do, use this as a teaching moment too. Be sure to talk to your child about the importance of saving about 30-40% of their ‘income’ and donating 10%.

I hope this Instant Gratification Chore Chart is as effective as it is in my home. I still catch myself surprised that all the chores are getting done without complaining!

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