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Like any 9 year old girl, my daughter loves slumber parties and sleepovers. To have a cool slumber party, you have to have fun activities and great foods. We recently were able to review Girls’ Night In: Four friends reveal the secrets of the ultimate girls’ night in!

This fun book is a page-turner for girls – my daughter devoured it as she poured through pages of activities and recipes that she and her friends could do on her next slumber party.

She really took to the recipe section, especially Movie Star Punch.

There are a few food and drink recipes in the book that girls will enjoy doing together. They are simple enough that they won’t need much help in the kitchen too. pouring-punch

My daughter has made Movie Star Punch for friends and family about 6 times so far! She does the entire recipe by herself and is so proud of it. It is delicious too! She had to make a double batch after she made it for our family the first time because we couldn’t get enough of it! movie-star-punch-recipe
Since Elizabeth is Type 1 Diabetic, we must count carbs for everything she eats or drinks and then bolus insulin to cover it. She wrote in her book the carbs for every ingredient so that she would have the information for future recipe making which is a huge time saver.


I love books that are designed to give children independence in the kitchen. happy-movie-star-punchThis book is beautifully illustrated and designed to engage children in reading and having fun with their friends.  In the book, there 4 types of girls, they talk about what they like most about fashion, food, school, hair, friendship, movies, and more. Every girl can relate and enjoy this book. It is a fantastic book to buy multiple copies of for your girl’s next sleepover!

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