Helping Kids Learn More About Animals With Books

My daughter loves animals! She has all kinds of stuffed animals and she commonly hugs them and says “I just love them!”

Anytime I can pair one of her favorite things with a book, I do it. I think it’s a great way to keep her interested in books and reading! We recently got three animal books and she is really enjoying them!

Encyclopedia Of Animals

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This book has a comprehensive guide of the animal kingdom including fish, reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, and mammals.

My daughter asks us to read her this book quite often. In fact, it is common for her to ask us to read her a few pages as her bedtime story before bed each night. She enjoys hearing all the details about the animals. She will also look through it on her own because the pictures are really beautiful and colorful.

Her favorite is the Common Starling bird. She always stops and admires all the colors!

She likes trying to remember what type of animal each one is and also likes to try to pronounce the names correctly.

If your kids like animals, I highly recommend picking up the Encyclopedia of Animals.

Atlas Of Ocean Adventures

Another book that we got recently is the Atlas of Ocean Adventures. This book is a fun way for my daughter to get to see the creatures in the ocean as well as the unique environments in which they live!

The illustrations are beautiful and each page contains helpful information about the creatures. The page is completely covered with a scene of the creature in its environment.

This is also a book that my daughter likes us to read to her and she will also sit and look through it on her own because of the colorful pictures!

The thing I think is most impressive about this book is how sturdy it is. The cover is very sturdy and it is a tall book at 11 x 0.5 x 15 inches.

I would also highly recommend the Atlas of Ocean Adventures for your kids that are interested in the ocean and the creatures that live in it!

The Animal Awards

This is a fun book! It categorizes animals by giving them an “award”.

For example, the skunk gets the “Really Smelly Award”. And the tiger gets the “Endangered Hunter Award.” It goes on to talk about why that animal gets that award and then gives some facts about the animal including what it eats and where it lives.

The illustrations are fun and the pages are beautiful.

My daughter enjoys reading and looking through this book and trying to see if she remembers which award each animal won! 

The Animal Awards book is a fun way for kids to learn about animals!

Gifts That Encourage Kids To Read & Learn

I am really big on my daughter getting gifts that are practical and something that will encourage and inspire her to learn. That is why I turn to books quite often as a gift idea for her and other kids on my gift-buying list. In my opinion, the three of these books would make a great gift for kids of any age. Of course, in the younger ages, you will have to read to them or have them look at the pages. My daughter is 3 and has really enjoyed all three of these books.


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