Make Car Rides Fun With Audio Books For Kids

Tickle Plenty Audio Book

I love to listen to audio books. If I am doing chores around the house or driving in the car by myself, you can bet that I have a podcast or audio book playing! My love for audio is because I am much more likely to be able to listen to a book then to take the time to sit down and read it.

For that reason, I had never thought about having audio books for my daughter. She is 3 and we sit down to read books to her often. Part of the fun in reading at her age is looking at pictures and the time together.

So, I wasn’t sure if she would enjoy audio books in the car but I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did because she is really enjoying it!Bubblegum treeThis is a sponsored post. 

Audio Books For Children

We began listening to audio books in the car with the Tickle Plenty Series. The series includes 3 books; Tickle Plenty and the Bubblegum Tree, Tickle Plenty and the Lollipop Garden, and Tickle Plenty and the Kingdom of the Clouds. 

lollipop garden

The story lines behind these books are perfect for audio because they encourage your imagination. The narrator does a great job keeping kids engaged. Her voice changes to reflect the different characters which is very helpful in an audio book specifically for children.

kingdom of clouds

Audio Books Make Car Rides More Enjoyable

I have found that listening to audio books helps make the car ride more enjoyable for my daughter and myself. We talk about the book as we are listening and it helps make the time seem to pass by faster.

Of course if it is a long car ride, she will lose interest in the book and we will listen to music for a little while and then go back to the book later. I also think that getting her used to listening to audio books now, will encourage her to continue to enjoy them as she gets older.

Check Out the Tickle Plenty Series

If you are thinking about giving audio books a try, I encourage you to check out the Tickle Plenty series. You can purchase the Tickle Plenty Series on Audible. If you have never used Audible, your first book is FREE with a 30-day trial. What a great way to try out these audio books with your kiddos!

Happy listening!






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