Help Your Baby Communicate with Baby Signs

I’m a big fan of baby sign language. We taught both of our kids baby sign language when they were about 6 months old. At about 6 months old, babies know what they want but don’t have the ability to speak the words yet. This can be very frustrating for both baby and mom.  It is a time when babies cry out of frustration, not just in a primal way.SAM_1934

I was happy to review “My First Baby Signs” to facilitate this post. My nephew just turned 6 months old, he is adorable, smart, and knows exactly how to wrap everyone around his chubby little finger. When we taught our children how to do baby sign language, we used a book made for adults.

“My First Baby Signs” is a book designed for baby. This board book introduces baby sign language to baby with vivid photos and even a tab to pull that makes the moving sign language motion. SAM_1940This is genius – baby can do the sign with the book and then copy the book with his own hands.

There were a few signs that we found the most useful with our kids. I would start with introducing a few signs during daily activities with your baby.  My son would get very upset at meal time. We didn’t know if he wanted more to eat, more to drink, or was all done eating until we used baby sign language. Once we all began signing, we had a much happier baby and home. SAM_1943

Our favorite sign was “all done” because we knew our babies were full and didn’t want to eat any more. Nobody wants to force feed their baby when their baby just isn’t hungry. With baby signs, you know what they want and need.SAM_1944

You can purchase “My First Baby Signs”  for just around $13 on

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