Make Your Father Stand Out with Fetch Sunglasses and Promo Code

I am sure you saw how fetching I looked in my beautiful Fetch Sunglasses last month, here. I wear them pretty much every day! Let’s be honest here, we want the men in our lives to look good too. One key to a good looking fella is the right accessories, including some classic sunglasses.father's day fetch

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Complete Your Look

I am the kind of gal who checks her guys outfit or lays out clothing ideas before we go out to dinner. I like to make sure he looks nice. Not that he can’t pick out his own, He certainly can (some men… have no clue). It’s not just about looking good it’s about feeling good too. I always want him to feel confidant and look it too. Feeling and looking good can easily be accomplished with a pair of Fetch’s sunglasses to complete your look. Don’t get to serious though!

Fetch father's day

 Martin Sunglasses

Doug got this incredibly handsome pair of sunglasses, the frame is named Martin. The name Martin comes from a handsome and spunky terrier mix that was found “running at large” and hopefully he has since been adopted. The Martin frame is available in hemlock, blue merle and ether. I love the clean lines of this frame, the sharp angles and the variation in the color throughout the frame. The Martin is available as a sunglasses or an optical frame, the rectangular shape rides the fine line between modern and classic.

martin sunglassses

Support More

Remember when you order your sunglasses from Fetch that you are supporting more then your eyes. You are supporting adoptable pets! Fetch Eyewear donates 100% of their profits to animal care and rescue. They have a wonderful lifetime warranty on the frames too!

Special Coupon Code

Fetch Eyewear has provided us with this coupon code for you our wonderful readers to receive a 15% discount at check out! So help dad complete his look this Father’s Day while saving using code AKRONOHIOMOMS.


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