Ruggles Ice Cream and Greek Frozen Yogurt Review

picutre of Ruggles Ice Cream

Summer is here and nothing says summer better than a refreshing frozen treat. Whether you choose Ruggles ice cream or Greek frozen yogurt, you are sure to enjoy a rich, creamy frozen treat that will put a smile on your face.  Ruggles uses only the highest quality of ingredients in their products and load them with all the stir-in additions that you crave. Check out these free coupons for Ruggles products.

Ruggles Red Velvet Cake Premium Ice Cream Review

Ruggles Ice Cream offers Limited Edition ice cream that is only available for a short while in stores. This Summer, one new flavor is Ruggles Red Velvet Cake Premium Ice Cream. I think they should make it a permanent part of their line up!  Honestly, I’m not a real cake lover so I wasn’t sure how I would like ice cream with cake in it.  If you have had a cake pop, you know how deliciously moist and wonderful each bite is. Add that kind of flavor to premium ice cream and you have the delicious combination that makes Ruggles Red Velvet Cake Premium Ice Cream.

picture of Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream
Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream

We have enjoyed the Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream in waffle cones, in dishes, and even with “birthday pie”. Below is a picture of a strawberry rhubarb pie with a big birthday cake sparkler on top for my birthday. The pie was delicious and so was the accompanying red velvet ice cream.

picture of Birthday pie with Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream
Birthday pie with Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream

Can you see how rich and creamy the ice cream is in the below pictures? Can you see the large pieces of red velvet cake just tempting you to take a bite? It taste even better than it looks!

picutre of Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream
Ruggles Red Velvet Cake premium ice cream

We all have our favorite ice creams that we gravitate to every time we are at the grocery store. I prefer the Ruggles French Vanilla for its creamy, full vanilla flavor. I like to top with hot fudge, nuts, and whipped cream for the perfect hot fudge sundae. My kids prefer Ruggles Super Kid with all the bright colors and fruity flavors. My husband’s favorite is Ruggles Mint Chocolate Chip because it is loaded with chocolate chips and the most refreshing mint flavor.

Although we have our favorites, do yourself a favor and experience the seasonal Limited Edition ice creams from Ruggles, you may find a new favorite!

If you are lucky enough, you may run into the Ruggles Road Tour like we did at Buehler’s a couple weeks ago. They were giving our generous samples of some of their popular and new flavors!

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Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt

If you like Greek yogurt, you should try Ruggles Frozen Greek Yogurt varieties. Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt offers a healthier dessert option.  Specifically the Ruggles brand because it has 2x the protein of other Greek frozen yogurt products. Besides being a healthier option, Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt delivers the tart flavor you expect from frozen yogurt. Health conscious people know that the tart flavors help slow down the release of sugar in your body to stabilize your appetite and energy.

Greek Frozen Yogurt

My family has tried Greek yogurt with mixed reviews, so I wasn’t sure how well-received the Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt would be. We started off with a simple Vanilla Bean flavor. You can tell in the picture below that the texture is different from ice cream, although still smooth and creamy.

I decided to mix the flavors of sweet chocolate chip cookies with a tart Greek frozen vanilla yogurt. It was a huge hit with my kids, they didn’t notice it was different from ice cream.  My husband and I did notice the difference. It is much more tart, which is to be expected. We found it refreshing and offering a new experience for a summer treat.

If you love Greek yogurt and the traditional flavors, you will enjoy Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt in original tart, honey, and vanilla best.  These frozen yogurts offer the authentic Greek yogurt flavors and tartness.

Fruity Greek Frozen Yogurt

Ruggles offers Greek frozen yogurt in several fruit flavors as well including Peach, Blueberry, and Strawberry. My family enjoyed the fruity Greek frozen yogurt flavors the best. They are loaded with fruit add-ins in and flavor. Again, this frozen treat is more tart than ice cream since it is yogurt but not as pronounced in the fruit flavors.

My favorite was the Ruggles Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt, it is rich, creamy, and the blueberry flavor spread throughout.  There are actual blueberries in the frozen yogurt! Simply delicious and refreshing.

picture of Ruggles Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt
Ruggles Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt

If you want to be the star of the next party or potluck, bring Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt. For our church 4th of July party, we brought a selection of Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt for the dessert table. Of course everyone headed straight for the cold frozen treat.  Everyone enjoyed having something cold, something new to try, and a refreshing dessert on a hot day.  For me, it was easy and I was the hero. You can’t beat that!

picture of Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt
Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt

Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt contains live & active cultures, are all natural, contains No high fructose corn syrup, and are gluten-free.

Buy Ruggles Ice Cream or Greek Frozen Yogurt

Whether you choose Ruggles Ice Cream or Ruggles Greek Frozen Yogurt, enjoy it this summer with your friends and family. It feels good supporting a local business too with headquarters in Orrville, Ohio! Find Ruggles Ice Cream or Greek Frozen Yogurt at your local frozen food department.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Ruggles who provided us with the products for review.


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