10 Year Old Kids Review Genteel Lancing Device

pain free blood sugar testing genteel

I have to Type One Diabetic children. In this post, my ten-year-old daughter will debut her Genteel Lancing Device review video.

I received Genteel Lancing Instruments to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

This video review from my son’s perspective when he was 10 years old (he’s 13 now and still uses the Genteel. This video shows more about hose the device draws the blood.

This blog post also goes into more details on how the Genteel device works while this post talks more about the benefits of using Genteel and why my kids like it.

Our goal is to show you how easy for young children to test their blood sugar on their own using the Genteel Lancing device. If it is pain free, kids and adults are more likely to test more often for better blood sugar control.

The best part about the Genteel is that it is pain free!  As a mom of two Type One Diabetic children, I could not be happier with the results of using the Genteel. It pains me to see my kids hurt when they have to test their blood sugar 8 -10+ times a day.

pain free blood sugar testing genteel

Another huge benefit of the Genteel is that my kids do not have damaged fingertips any more! Most diabetics have scars on their fingertips from repetitive blood draws. My son had this problem before getting the Genteel and it broke my heart every time I saw his fingertips.

pain free blood sugar testing genteel
pain free blood sugar testing genteel

With the Genteel, you can test your blood sugar on your fingertips, palm, forearm, leg, and many other places for accurate blood sugar readings.

test blood sugar all over body with Genteel

When my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 8, she would not test her own blood sugar with the hospital provided lancer. The needles went in deeper and hurt a lot more. As soon as she received her Genteel, she started testing her own blood sugar without any complaint.

pain free blood sugar testing genteel

Since Genteel uses contact tips to control the depth of penetration with vacuum, you can get reliable blood draws all over the body, instead of just fingertips.  Two years later and she is still a fan of the genteel as is her brother and of course me.

You are probably reading this post as another T1D mom looking for a solution to improve blood sugar testing for your child or maybe for yourself. I hope that my daughter’s and son’s videos shows just how easy it is for a child to test their own blood sugar and how it can be pain free. Type 1 diabetes is a serious disease with lots of needles, lots of pain, and heartache. I love how the Genteel takes some of that pain away for my children. If it is less painful, it is more likely that diabetics will test their blood sugar more often and you will have a better control over type 1 diabetes and a better A1c. For me, it is all about giving my kids another option to take at least some of the pain away from their daily lives.

Purchase Genteel Lancing Instrument for painless blood sugar testing

You can purchase the Genteel Pain-Free Lancing Device on the Genteel website for $129.  Genteel comes with a 100% Risk Free Guarantee, if you don’t like it after 120 days, get your money back.

Trust me, this will be the best $129 diabetic supply you purchase all year. When you see your kids are testing with less pain, it is worth it. Plus, since it is less painful, they won’t object to testing like they do with other painful lancers.

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