How to Bring Inanimate Objects to Life for All Holidays

Add magic to all of your holidays by bringing inanimate objects to life!  The unexpected surprises are the ones most  enjoyed and remembered by kids and adults alike.

Check out how my family is celebrating Halloween by bringing pumpkins and even ghosts to life this year with this short video by my 10 year old daughter!

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How to Bring Inanimate Objects to Life for All Holidays

Technology makes it easy to bring inanimate objects to life this Halloween and every holiday! We are using the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit to bring inanimate objects of all kinds to life this year. It is a top-of-the-line projection kit with downloadable digital files that can be projected on windows, doors, on objects like pumpkins, and even on thin air.  See how we use this kit on our windows, ceilings, and walls with our AtmosFX Digital Decorations review.

To bring inanimate objects to life, you’ll want to use the 3DFX Prop display mode with the digital decorating kit. See tips below in this video.

In our video (first video) you saw how we brought our pumpkin to life. It was a talking jack-o-lantern that kids love.

I love how versatile this projection system is. You can throw scenes up on the wall, windows, ceilings, and more as well as on objects. You can throw a sheet over a human like figure such as a mannequin or scare crow to turn it into a 3D image!  If you don’t have anything like that, check out their 3DFX Form that is an inflatable life-size image that is 5-1/2 feet tall.  With the AtmosFX digital decoration system, you can turn that figure into witches, ghosts, Santa Claus and other characters!

We used the we used Boo Crew 3DFX Skit Bundle to bring our ghost to life in our backyard in the first video above.

My kids love all of the Halloween fun we’ve been having with the AtmosFX system, but I personally can’t wait to use it for other holidays, like Christmas!

We are hosting Christmas at our house this year, I can’t wait to bring the 3D Santa Claus scenes to life on our windows, but especially the Night Before Christmas 3DFX  Form.  This Santa will tell stories with arm movements and great facial expression to delight my kids and their cousins. I’m not sure if we’ll keep it outside or inside, as the 3D forms can be used either, it just requires lower light.

The 3D For is easy to use, simply inflate the form, cover with projection fabric and project your favorite 3DFX image for a fully animated life-like character that sings, tells stores, and more.

Who knew it could be so easy to bring inanimate objects to life?!

Throwing a party this Halloween? Check out these party tips from Gourdy the jack-o-lantern!

Wow your neighbors, family and friends during the holidays with your own AtmosFX Digital Decorating kit. The 2017 Digital Decorating Kit includes the all-in-one projector, 14 digital decorations, tripod, remote, and screen for $199.99.  The AtmosFX 3DFX Form is $59.99 and includes the inflatable form, projection fabric shroud, 2 shroud cips, foot pump, and a promotional credit to redeem for a digital decoration scene.

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