Nonstick Cooking on All Cooktops Including Induction with Copper Chef

Copper Chef Review

Copper pans are showing up everywhere for good reason. They offer a non-stick cooking surface that won’t peel or chip. However, not all ‘copper pans’ are created the same. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Copper Chef pans as they are the #1 selling cookware brand in America!

They offer a selection of various size and shapes of pans and casserole dishes that you’ll love. They are easy to cook with, not expensive, and durable.

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How do you choose the perfect pan?

You either have a perfect pan that you use over and over and over or you are constantly searching for the perfect pan. Let Chef John Cirillo explain the differences between different kinds of pans and why he likes Copper Chef.

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Copper Pans Review

I cook and bake a lot, probably more than most moms as I also prepare recipes for clients as part of my work. I need my pans to cook evening, not stick, not peel, and look good for photos and videos! I used Copper Pans for the majority of the recipes that I prepared for photos and videos for the new Smith’s Dairy website as you can see below. They worked remarkably well even for live video taping!

I have the 6 piece 9.5″ Deep Square Pan Set as well as a single round fry pan that I purchased before doing this review. It quickly became my only go-to pan and I realized that I needed more sizes!

I have an induction stovetop so finding pots and pans isn’t easy. Most pots and pans that work on induction stovetops are not nonstick. The nonstick pans I’ve found before now were very, very expensive. I’m thrilled that Copper Chef pans work on all stovetops including induction! The pans are made with a copper-colored Cerami Tech Non-Stick coating that makes it nonstick but it is the stainless steel induction plate on the bottom that allows it to work on an induction stove top. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that!

I love that the pans can go from prep on the stovetop right in the oven – up to 850° F! This saves on dishes and time.

Copper Chef Review

I love the 9.5″ Deep Square Pan for recipes like this Sherpherd’s Pie dish. I cooked the beef, onions, and filling on the stove. I topped with mashed potatoes and cooked in the oven. Copper Chef Review

For smaller recipes like cornbread or the below sloppy joe casserole, I use the 9.5″ Square Fry Pan. Basically any recipe that calls for a 8 or 9″ square baking dish, I use this fry pan.Copper Chef Review

You can obviously use any of your current recipes with Copper Pans, however you don’t need to use butter, oil, or grease when you cool – which I love! Of course you can use oils and butters if you want for flavor but you don’t need to because they are truly non-stick.

The Copper Chef website does have some tasty recipes that you can check out just for fun though. Their Fall Cobbler is amazing with fresh apples and cranberries – you’ll have to buy frozen cranberries at this time for this recipe. Don’t let the name fool you, this “Fall” Cobbler is good all year long. We had it last night and everyone LOVED it!Copper Chef Review

If you are looking for the perfect pan, look no further than Copper Chef’.  I’m telling you, it really is a revolutionary nonstick pan that will allow you to cook, fry, bake, steam, wok, and roast all of your meals. It cooks evenly and never sticks. Clean up is a breeze too either by hand (recommended) or dishwasher.

You can purchase the 6 piece 9.5″ Deep Square Pan Set on the Copper Chef website on sale now for just $69.99.  Also available in various sizes and sets.

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