Egg Peeling Made Easy with The Negg

In our household eggs are a vital part of our mornings. I like to make sure the kids have a well-rounded breakfast whenever possible, other wise I find they are hungry all day. I’m not always up to cooking eggs every morning! For the last few weeks, I have made family time out of preparing eggs on the weekend and peeling them with the help of The Negg!

What is The Negg?

The Negg is my new best friend. I loathe peeling eggs but We love having hard boiled eggs for breakfasts, egg salads, and more. When it comes to peeling them I dislike every moment.  With The Negg, I can convince the kids to peel our eggs in no time and they have a ton of fun doing it. Did I mention it’s also top rack safe in your dishwasher? Awesome!

How do I use The Negg?

The Negg is so easy to use, even my 2 year old loved using it! First, I followed the directions that came in the box with The Negg in hopes of getting my best-hardboiled egg.(They were perfect!) Then I put 1/4 cup of water in each Negg and added an egg. Put the lid back on tight and handed them off to Kiernan and Scarlett. Check out them shaking away on their eggs. In hindsight, Kiernan shook his a little too long but otherwise they loved it. I wish I had timed it but we had a dozen eggs peeled in no time!

Where Can I Buy The Negg?

As of right now, there aren’t any local retailers here in Ohio. But if you are out of state, check out locations near you here.  For the rest of us, The Negg can be ordered on their website here. It currently available in 4 colors, black, white, yellow and red. Also if you order more than one Negg you will get 10% off!

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As a transplant to Ohio, Patricia is enjoying the calmer lifestyle to raise her family in. She has 4 beautiful children that keep her very busy, as does their 1980' home with all the updates it needs. When she has free time she enjoys painting, crafting, reading, writing, decorating and family fun.
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