Check Out this Enormous Santa and Extraordinary Christmas Gifts

If you drive by our home this Christmas season, you’ll spot a sleepy Santa. We are reviewing the 12′ Inflatable Slumbering Santa this Winter from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hammacher Schlemmer knows how to go all out with Outdoor Christmas decor! They are experts at bringing to life excitement of the unexpected. We reviewed a towering black cat at Halloween and now an enormous Santa! Big is Better and kids agree!  My kids love this Slumbering Santa and all his features!

He snores, his jelly belly heaves up and down. His blanket even moves with the wind, giving it a bit of realism. My daughter always wants to fix his blanket – although it never comes off.

All the kids on the school bus are glued to the windows of the bus as they check out the Santa every. single. day. The novelty is not wearing off!

The Slumbering Inflatable Santa includes a built-in air pump that inflates within just a few minutes. My son asked me to specifically highlight this because he is always amazed at how quickly it inflates – as am I!

It includes a 3-watt speaker that allows all to hear Santa’s snoring. No worries, it isn’t loud enough to wake or disturb your neighbors, just loud enough for those passing by to generate a giggle! P1290021

Santa’s bed includes two illuminated bedposts, his face lights up as well. You can see him very well at dark, although it is hard to capture a good photo in the dark.

The 12′ Inflatable Slumbering Santa is 144″ long, 64″ wide, and 86″ high. He is secured with 6 stakes, is waterproof and ready to withstand our cold December’s temps.


You can purchase the 12′ Inflatable Santa on the Hammacher Schlemmer website for $199.95.

Not only does Hammacher Schlemer have unique outdoor Christmas decorations but they also have a fantastic collection of unique and unusual gifts to make the season extra merry and bright! Their gifts are of highest quality and like nothing you’ll find at the mall!

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Personalized Bobblehead is the perfect gift for the person who has everything because it isn’t likely they have a bobblehead of themselves! This novelty gift features the unique facial features of a person, set atop a body type of your choice that represents the person’s clothing, talent, hobby, or sport.


The World’s First 3D Writing Pen that creates 3-D plastic drawings by extruding warm thermoplastic that hardens in just seconds! How incredible is this at less than $100! 3dpen

The Talking and Dancing Disco Robot can dance to tunes of all kinds including single clapping to soundtracks. The robot’s hips and army gyrate, his hands glow at varying intensity, and his face even flushes! dancingrobot

The Shake, Rattle, and Roll Ice Cream Maker is the fun way to make home made ice cream! Simply add ingredients, then play for 20 minutes indoors or outdoors with the ice cream maker ball. It can be shaken, tossed, and rolled – all the action churns out delicious ice cream!shake

If you are looking for last minute Christmas decorations or gifts, check out Hammacher Schlemmer website for something extraordinary!

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