Jessie Steele 50’s Aprons Make Cooking & Entertaining Fun

Jessie Steele 50s aprons

If you visit my home, you’ll see me wearing an apron while in the kitchen. I started years ago because I didn’t want to wreck my clothes however I quickly started wearing them to enjoy the flirty and fun styles.  I’m a cross between my grandma who wore aprons all of the time and June Cleaver who also wore a dress and heels!

Wearing a cute and fun apron makes cooking and entertaining fun for me.  I love the Jessie Steele brand of aprons for women and children. They are all about nostalgia with aprons inspired by the 40’s and 50’s.Jessie Steele 50s aprons

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I adore the Jessie Steele Floral Stripe Ava Apron for it’s monochromatic pink bouquets, blue stripes, and flattering feminine fit. Jessie Steele’s aprons celebrate femininity and style with a hint of nostalgia. Their high-quality stylish aprons have been seen in popular TV shows and movies including Thor, Sex and the City 2, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Desperate Housewives, Oprah, and more.

If you like to coordinate, you’ll want to check out their accessories like this oven mitt.

Having adorable items like these really do make cooking and entertaining fun, don’t they?

Jessie Steele aprons make thoughtful gifts too. I especially like their collection of Mommy and Me aprons. We blog about cooking with kids often because of the importance it makes in out children think about food, health, and because it is a fun activity to share with our children. Make it more sweet with a matching set like these Kitchen Cherry Josephine Aprons.

The Sweethearts Josephine Aprons are adorable. Girls of any age would love this but I especially think it would be sweet for younger girls who just LOVE spending time with mommy in the kitchen.

Older kids will love the sophisticated style of the French Pastries Josephine Aprons.

You owe it to yourself to make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable with your own Jessie Steele apron and accessories. They make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, bridal showers, housewarming, and Christmas.

If you are planning a baking party with friends, consider getting matching aprons or giving them as gifts. My friend, Ann Louise and I bake and cook a lot together. How adorable would we be with matching aprons?!

You can order your Jessie Steele apron on the Jessie Steele website for around $30 each.

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