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best bully stick bow wow review safe dog bully sticks review

As Ohioans, we’re no strangers to the whims of Mother Nature, just when we think we can put our winter coats away, the snow starts flying. So much for spring. especially during the spring months when the weather flip-flops from sunny days to snowy evenings faster than you can say “April showers.” This erratic weather makes it difficult to get our dogs the outside exercise as regularly as we’d like.  My two dogs, Cali and Sammy, have felt cooped up lately and it’s very noticeable. Cali, my 9-year-old who’s on the heavier side, and Sammy, a sprightly 5-year-old with a penchant for chewing, often find their outdoor activities limited by the weather.

best bully stick bow wow reviewsafe dog bully sticks review

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Their boredom indoors had me searching for safe and engaging ways to keep them entertained, which is why I was thrilled to discover safe and natural chew options for pets that have become a game-changer for us.

A Chew Toy That’s Safe and Engaging

Like many pet parents, I’ve heard differing views on safety of chew toys. Sammy’s ability to bite off chunks of toys and swallow them has had me on edge to the point that I put a complete halt their chew toy privileges altogether. However, with the colder weather making their regular walks less frequent, I needed a solution to keep them entertained and active indoors. The Bow Wow Buddy has seen a life saver, it’s a safety device that securely holds chew sticks, ensuring your pets can enjoy their treat without the risk of choking or swallowing large pieces. This product could be a literal lifesaver and has felt as such, keeping both Cali and Sammy engaged and safe.

The device is versatile, accommodating various types of chews from bully sticks to collagen sticks, and even cheese chews, making it a versatile tool for pet owners looking to provide a safe snacking experience for their dogs.

Why Bully Sticks Have Been a Hit

The Bow Wow brand of natural bully sticks are a huge hit with my dogs but also gave me peace of mind knowing they were indulging in a safe, quality treat.

These premium sticks are hand-selected for quality and freshness, fitting perfectly with the Bow Wow Buddy for a worry-free snacking session. The joy on Cali and Sammy’s faces as they settled in with their bully sticks was all the reassurance I needed to know I’d made the right choice. Sammy loves to hide under the table to enjoy hers, as you can see above.

The Chew That Keeps on Giving

Our experience was further enriched by the Epic Chews™, a longer-lasting chew that not only entertained my dogs for hours but also supports their health.

Removing the chew midway and saving it for another day became our little ritual, ensuring they had something to look forward to. These chews are high in protein, support digestive and oral health, and are free from gluten and grains, making them an excellent choice for health-conscious pet owners.

Other Recommended Products

My focus is always on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for Cali and Sammy.  I know many of you are always on the lookout for quality products for your pets. Here are a few other items worth checking out:

  • offers a wide range of pet products from toys, treats, and even prescription food. We started getting Sammy’s prescription dog food delivered a few months ago and it’s been a time saver.
  • Petco is another excellent destination for pet owners. They also offer dog food delivery and more. I love they carry local BilJac brands that we love, we get their diet formula dog food for Sammy from them.
  • Petsmart also provides a variety of pet essentials that cater to the needs of every pet. I like them also because they offer the instore Banfield vet services.

Wherever you shop, it’s crucial to find products that are safe, healthy, and engaging.

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