KURU Footwear: Stepping into Comfort with the CHICANE Rugged

Who hasn’t experienced that nagging foot pain after a long day or during a cherished activity? Like many of you, both my husband and I are all too familiar with this silent yet persistent adversary.  In my continuous journey for comfort and relief, I’ve sung praises for KURU Footwear since my first pair of Kuru travel shoes back in 2011.

picture of Kuru Women’s Insight Travel Shoes for Hiking
Kuru Women’s Insight Travel Shoes for Hiking

You might remember my recent post detailing my positive experience on how their CHICANE shoes help me walk pain-free with my dogs daily for 2+ miles.When I have happy feet, my dogs are happy too. :)

And since then, I’ve introduced my husband to the wonders of KURU with the CHICANE Rugged, a versatile shoe that’s equally suited to outdoor adventures and long hours standing as a live illustrator.

Today, while I bring forward my husband’s experience with the CHICANE Rugged, I also wish to provide insights into the larger narrative surrounding America’s footwear choices. Let’s step right in.

The CHICANE Rugged – A Personal Review

Recently, I introduced my husband to KURU’s CHICANE Rugged. As someone constantly on his feet with his demanding live illustrator job and our shared love for hiking, he needed shoes that were both supportive and stylish.

From our various hikes to casual days at the office, the CHICANE Rugged has proven itself to be a versatile companion. Built for adventure, these shoes have provided unparalleled support on uneven terrains and during long hours of standing.

Pairing well with jeans and even business casual attire, they strike a balance between ruggedness and sophistication. The moisture-wicking liners have been a boon during our outdoor escapades, keeping his feet dry and comfortable.

In a nutshell, the CHICANE Rugged is not just a shoe; it’s a testament to how footwear can seamlessly combine functionality with style.

KURU’s Insight into Footwear Preferences

While our family’s experience with KURU has been nothing short of transformative, we’re not alone in prioritizing comfort.  KURU Footwear’s survey of 1,000 Americans reveals over half prioritize health concerns when shoe shopping. Notably, 68% of those focusing on pain-relief are over 35. With shopping seasons upcoming, it’s essential to note that 66% of respondents value comfort above all else in footwear.

Sneakers are the 2023 top pick for Americans, with 65% favoring them, emphasizing comfort over style and cost. Over their lifetime, the average American will invest around $14,640 in shoes, acquiring about 256 pairs – a justifiable expense given podiatrists’ shoe lifespan recommendations.

The survey also highlights that 54% purchase footwear specifically due to pain or health issues. An alarming 77% have encountered foot pain, with heel issues being predominant.

KURU, recognizing this need, offers technology designed to counteract foot pain, underlining their philosophy that good health begins at the heel.

For detailed survey results, check here.

A Call to Action for Happy Feet

Foot health is a journey, and it’s high time we prioritize it. If you’re among the many Americans grappling with foot pain or simply looking to invest in better footwear, now might be the perfect time. If my husband’s glowing review of the CHICANE Rugged or my previous experiences with KURU have resonated with you, why not explore what they have to offer?

Explore KURU Footwear’s diverse range for women and men based on your specific needs. Whether it’s for pain relief, a particular activity, or your profession, KURU has got you covered!

Discover KURU Footwear’s curated range for women and men, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled foot comfort.

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