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Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Review (5)

Keeping our carpets clean is difficult. Throw in kids and a dog and it can be nearly impossible.  Having good products on hand to clean up spills, mud, dog stains, and more is imperative or your carpets will be ruined in no time. Nobody has time to pull out the heavy carpet shampooer for every spill or stain, so that it why I’m excited to tell you about the new Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Attachment.

Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Attachment Video Review

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 Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Review

The Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Attachment simply pops right onto your Rejuvenate Click n Clean Spray Mop. I told you about a few attachments on earlier. I like having one floor cleaner that can dust, sweep, mop, and now clean carpet too!

This clever attachment allows you gently agitate carpet cleaning solution without the need to bend down or get on your hands and knees to do it.

The attachment is only have the solution, the other half is the Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner.  It is pretty amazing on carpet, couches, fabrics, car seats, upholstery, and more – it’s a safe solvent free pH formula so it works quickly on just about anything. Pairing it with the scrubber activates the cleaner to fight stains – new and old.
There was a mystery stain in the hallway outside of my kids’ bathroom. Nobody knew what it was or at least wouldn’t claim it. We all have mystery stains on carpets!  I wasn’t sure if the stain would come out without lugging out my big, heavy carpet shampooer. It was really set into the carpet. However, this cleaner works on tough stains like coffee, red wine, pets, dirt, and grass, so I thought it was worth the shot.

The first step is to spray the cleaning solution onto the stain. If it is a bigger stain, use more product. Then spray evening around the surrounding carpet. Next, use the scrubber attachment to gently agitate the stain away. I had to do a few passes for the stain to disappear. If it is a tough stain, you may need to repeat the spray and cover with a damp clean towel overnight to let the cleaning solution work its magic overnight. For me, it came right out. Afterwards, I used a terry cloth to dry, then vacuumed.  

This attachment is less than $9, so is the solution. The pair is a must-have for any home with kids or pets to clean up stains before they set in for good.

You can purchase the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Carpet Cleaner Scrubber Attachment and Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Cleaner on the Rejuvenate website.

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