Protect Your Yard from Ticks & Lyme Disease with this Trick

With an exceptionally wet Spring, tick season is going to be very bad this Spring in the Midwest.  We are expected to have a higher rate of Lyme disease too.  Lyme Disease is spread by the black-legged hard-shelled deer ticks that slowly feed on your blood. Usually there is a bullseye rash that appears at the bite location but this can be easily missed.

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A news source states, “Lyme disease cases, which are one of five insect-vectored diseases reportable to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have increased exponentially in Ohio over the past several years.”  Now is the time to protect your yard from Ticks & Lyme Disease as ticks are everywhere, not just the woods and wetlands anymore.

How to Protect Your Yard from Ticks & Lyme Disease with this Trick

This is such a simple solution that it seems like a trick. Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the easiest way to protect your yard, family, and pets from ticks and Lyme disease.

The trick is leaving these tick control tubes around your yard in places that mice might be – in gardens, brush, under leaves, under bushes, along fences, in chopped wood. The idea is to reduce ticks associated with the mice that may serve as reservoirs for pathogens causing Lyme disease.  The material inside the tick tubes are carried back to the nests of mice. That material kills the ticks living on the mice therefore eliminating that tick from transmitting Lyme disease and other diseases to humans when they move on from the mice to you or your pets!

This is a no-spray and easy way to kill ticks before they even land on you or your pets. Thermacell Tick Control Tubes uses nature to deliver the method kill off the population of ticks. Put them anywhere mice may take up residence, give them cover under a brush or leaves.

My dog goes potty in the woods, lucky for us because we don’t have to clean up the yard! Not lucky for her because ticks are even more prevalent in wooded areas. I made sure I put tubes about 30 feet apart in this area of our yard. The deer ticks are so tiny that it is very easy to miss, especially on a fur-ball dog like mine! I’d hate for something to happen to our family dog, Cali!!

Lyme Disease affects pets too with most flea collars and oral medicines ineffective. Check out this 30 Day Tick with Lyme Disease forecast for dogs.  We are right in the middle for infection risk but our neighbors of Pennsylvania and West Virginia are at high alert so it is only a matter of time for Ohio.  The fact is, 40-90% of mice carry Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme disease. It is these very mice that the ticks feed on, then feed on your and your pets.

Ticks and Lyme disease are two things you don’t want to mess with this summer. They are out everywhere. You can’t avoid them but you can prevent them. Oh, and this is an easy trick to kill ticks on your clothes too if you do go in the woods.

Using Thermacell Tick Control Tubes will help eliminate ticks so easy it is like a trick. I promise, I place the tick tubes around my 1 acre lot in under 10 minutes. Do this twice a year and you should see a significant reduction in ticks, up to 90% reduction of ticks.

Learn more about Lyme Disease and Ticks on the CDC website. Learn the differences between ticks and which ones carry Lyme disease here.

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes is an affordable solution! For the recommended 2 applications for a ¼ acre lot, it cost $50/yr. You can purchase on the Thermacell website and on

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