My Little Pony Gallops to Build-A-Bear Workshops

Gallop over to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make your very own My Little Pony plush. My 6 year old daughter loves anything that is My Little Pony from books to toys to movies to RC cars and clothes! When I told her that we were going to Build-A-Bear Workshop to make her own My Little Pony plush, she was beyond excited! Upon our arrival at the Summit Mall Build-A-Bear, Rainbow Dash was waiting for us her in cute roller skates.

MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (3)I received a gift card to facilitate this post.

My Little Pony at Build-A-Bear

Kids and even adult My Little Pony fans will be tickled pink to find Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash awaiting them at their nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop and online, retailing for about $25.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (4)My 6 year old, Elizabeth chose Rainbow Dash, partly because she loved the one at the entrance and partly because of the colorful mane.  Our first step was to choose sounds. We chose the My Little Pony theme song for an additional $7. It plays a very long song that my daughter plays over and over and over and over – she loves it. I highly recommend adding it to your plush. MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (5)Next up was the stuffing station where our Rainbow Dash came to life. The employees at Summit Mall Build-A-Bear were amazing and so engaging with Elizabeth. They made the trip extra special.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (6)Next, Elizabeth picked out a heart for her plush. She patted it on her tummy, checks, forehead, and even gave it a kiss for love before it was placed in her plush. It is all part of the Build-A-Bear experience that connects your child to their plush – building their new best friend.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (7)I also learned about the Find a Bear ID at this point. Each plush is stuffed with a barcode. When you make your birth certificate, you’ll enter your contact info. If your plush ever gets lost and returned to a Build-A-Bear, it will be shipped back to you – at no charge! I LOVE this!  MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (8)Next, Elizabeth groomed her My Little Pony and gave it an air bath. She really enjoyed this time, grooming her plush.

We actually do this oftentimes when we are at the mall with or without buying a new plush. She just loves to work the machine!MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (9)After grooming, we went to the Name Me station to fill out the birth certificate. Elizabeth was so excited to do this! She named her Pinkie – even though it was “Rainbow Dash” and not Pinkie Pie. 🙂

MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (12)

We had such a good time at Build-A-Bear creating her new special friend. MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (13)

Build-A-Bear offers all sorts of My Little Pony accessories for your plush too. We have a couple to put on her birthday wish-list, including the roller skates that are available for all the plush toys.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (10)

Elizabeth also noticed the bear in a wheelchair, I thought this was a remarkable idea to have available.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (11)

When we left Build-A-Bear with Pinkie My Little Pony, my daughter said it felt like her birthday! She had an amazing, fun time. I enjoyed the one-on-one girls night out time with her too. It was such a fun outing together.MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (14)To put icing on the cake, we enjoyed ice cream afterward too. Elizabeth couldn’t put her plush down, she loves her so much! She takes her everywhere and sleeps with her too. Her brother is getting a little tired and annoyed at the My Little Pony theme song at this point but she loves it! 🙂

MyLittlePonyatBuildaBear (1)Like Build-A-Bear Workshop on Facebook for all the latest plush toys, news, and deals.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Build-A-Bear who supplied the gift card for the review.

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