While Grandpa Naps …

While Grandpa Naps is a new children’s book tackling the topic of families changing over time. I think this book would be great to read to a child when there is a death in the family. This book wold be helpful particularly if that grandparent or other close family member that visited often!

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The story begins with talking about Grandpa coming to visit and that Grandma Sarah used to come with him but she recently died. So, now he comes to visit alone.

It is an illustration of how there is sadness when someone dies but that the family will still stay together. It demonstrates that the family will continue to see one another and although a lot has changed… visiting and spending time with family will not change.

The back of the books states that “While Grandpa Naps is a meditation on love, stillness, and one’s place in a family.”

You can purchase While Grandpa Naps on Amazon or anywhere books are sold!

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