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picture of Our Installed Granite Kitchen Countertops

So, has my home remodeling journey encouraged you to tackle your own home remodeling projects? Or scared you?  There are definitely some ups and downs with home remodeling. One of the fun parts about home remodeling is starting fresh with new styles, new ideas, and new materials. I don’t mind the hard work (when there is actually something I can do!) but what I enjoy most is picking out what a new room will look like.

My husband and I had the opportunity to work with Architectural Justice on our guest bath for our granite countertop last Fall. We had such a positive experience that we chose them for our kitchen countertops as well.

Architectural Justice, located in Medina, Ohio is home to 15,000 sq ft Granite & Stone Shop and Custom Cabinetry Shop, and an impressive 50,000 sq ft of granite from around the world to choose from. This makes them a one-stop source for quality cabinetry, counter tops, and more. If you can’t find something you absolutely love at Architectural Justice, I’m afraid it’s not out there! They offer style after style after and if you still don’t like what you see, they design and make customized products. No matter what rooms you plan to renovate, Architectural Justice has the materials to make it spectacular! Just check out the photos below and you’ll see what I mean.

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If you are unsure of what would work best in your home, their customer service team is there to help. They are top notch, providing you with personal attention throughout your project but giving you breathing space when you need it.  For more than 20 years, Architectural Justice has been serving Medina, Ohio and beyond with unsurpassed products and service in the building and remodeling industry. From designers to installers to artisans, their staff is there to help make your dream project a reality.

Granite for Kitchen Countertops

So, how do you order granite for kitchen countertops? The first step is to have Architectural Justice to come out to your home to measure your spaces. This process takes very little time and not something you can attempt on your own. Once the granite is cut, it is cut.

picture of Measuring for Granite for Kitchen Countertops
Measuring for Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Next, we went to the Architectural Justice show room and granite yard to pick out the granite for our kitchen. We have been to other granite suppliers in Akron and none came even close to the selection that Architectural Justice provides. Getting your granite in Medina is worth the trip from anywhere in NE Ohio based on the selection alone!

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What do you think about our selection? There was so much to choose from, we narrowed it down to 3 and then chose the Peacock green granite. We’ve had similar at a previous home, in Formica, but we liked the coloring.

Granite Installation

The day arrived for our granite installation earlier in the week. I was soooo excited! The granite for our entire kitchen didn’t take up much space in their delivery truck, it looked small compared to the massive granite slabs in their Medina granite yard.

[slickr-flickr tag=granitedelivery]

They started the granite installation with the countertop with the corner. There is a seem near the sink due to the cut with the corner. They use special materials to “glue” the seems together and then a pressurized machine to seal the seams. Next, they cut the space for our Kohler Enameled Cast Iron sink.

[slickr-flickr tag=granitesink]

Next, they worked on our kitchen island granite countertop. I don’t know how the 3 granite installers were able to carry the 2 massive pieces of granite into our kitchen, but they did! I was so impressed. They were able to install the granite in just 2 pieces for our large island. From there, they cut the spaces for our Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons™ Built-In Electric Grill and Lite-Touch™ Control Electric Ceramic Cooktops.

[slickr-flickr tag=graniteisland]

Don’t think you could actually enjoy remodeling? Then you haven’t dreamed and worked with Architectural Justice!  From start to finish, it was a pleasurable experience. I couldn’t be happier with our new granite kitchen countertops!

picture of Our Installed Granite Kitchen Countertops
Our Installed Granite Kitchen Countertops

If you notice, our CliqStudios cabinets have an exposed area at the end of the island. That is because we still need to cover it with a panel. This will happen once we install the island bar that will connect to the island. This is one of the next steps in our kitchen remodel, along with installing our cooktops, sink, reverse osmosis, and lighting, crown molding, and I’m sure there are other final touches that I haven’t even thought about. Our kitchen remodel continues at a steady pace!

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Architectural Justice
2462 Pearl Rd
Medina, Ohio 44256

2462 Pearl Rd
Medina, OH 44256

Thank you to Architectural Justice for the equitable exchange between our parent company Remarkable Team and Justice & Company for the granite reviewed.

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