There is a Giant Hole in Our House!

PIcture of Giant Hole in Our House - view from foyer

Our home was built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. The builders of our home took Frank Lloyd Wright’s common hidden entrance practice to the extreme and created no front entrance to our home, just 2 side entrances. Having no front door or entrance has been inconvenient to say the least.

We decided to add an entry door directly in the middle of our home, where our old kitchen use to be, where it should have been from the beginning. Our kitchen demolition was fun and exciting. It was hard to believe that this space would become our foyer.

Remodeling our kitchen was very exciting, however adding a front door to our home is by far going to be the best part of our home remodel process.

Preparing Home for New Entry Door

To prepare our home for the new entry door, my husband removed the plaster wall first. Then, he moved wiring and pipes for our hot water heat. It wasn’t much fun but had to be done. For now, the wiring and heat pipes are above where the door will be. This will get a facelift with a trim cover so it is not exposed.

picture of Preparing the interior wall to be removed for new entry door
Preparing the interior wall to be removed for new entry door

Next, he and my father-in-law removed the siding around where the door opening will be.

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Adding Giant Hole in Our House

My husband and father-in-law added a giant hole in our house, and I couldn’t be happier!  Thankfully we have my father-in-law who owns and operates Good Life Remodeling to help us. This isn’t something most DIY remodelers would want to attempt. When dealing with headers and creating large openings in your home, you have to know about what is weight bearing and what can and cannot be removed!  If somersetting is weight bearing and you simply remove it, you risk your home collapsing. Not a good idea! Plus, you will want an exact opening for the door installation.


It is so exciting seeing the giant hole in our house that use to be home to our kitchen sink, counter, and stove. We are all super excited for the door install in the morning.  We placed a piece of plywood over the opening overnight for the next morning installation. My 5 year old daughter was so disappointed that we closed the hole back up! She said, “Why did you put it back the way it was?” She was so sad.

PIcture of Giant Hole in Our House - view from foyer
Giant Hole in Our House – view from foyer
picture of Giant Hole in Our House - view from outside
Giant Hole in Our House – view from outside

New Clopay Entry Door

Clopay Doors has so many absolutely beautiful entry doors to choose from. Clopay offers an attractive selection of energy-efficient entry doors including the polyurethane with Cherry, Mahogany,  Oak, & Fir woodgrain texture or fiberglass with Cherry woodgrain texture, and steel entry doors painted smooth to match your color scheme.  Choose from doors with glass or solid panels, with or without sidelights, and styles to fit every home.   Browse their online idea catalog to find an entry door perfect for your home.

picture of Clopay Entry Doors
Clopay Entry Doors

A Clopay entry door can transform an entire house into something beautiful.

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To compliment our transitional mission stye home, we selected a door from the Craftsman Collection. The Craftsman Fiberglass door with Fir grain is perfect for living in the woods with high moisture levels because it is low maintenance and won’t rot, warp, peel, or compress like wood.

We chose the Craftsman Collection door compliments our Clopay Garage door selection. This door looks like natural fir wood but is actually fiberglass.

Adding a front door and foyer to our home is going to completely change the entire look and feel of our home. I can’t wait! Being able to come into our home from the front and not the side doors or the garage is going to feel like we have finally arrived into our home. I don’t think anyone could be more excited to have a front door than homeowners who have never had a front door. This is going to be an amazing experience!

I will share all the details with you tomorrow!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Clopay who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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