Working on our Kitchen Lighting

picture of Modern Crystal chandelier

Last week, when I was telling you about our Kitchen Remodel Progress we had a dilemma about what to do for lighting in our kitchen. It seems that the previous owner added an entire second ceiling across the soon-to-be kitchen and dining room. With the extra layer, it makes putting can lights up difficult. We searched for other lighting ideas like pendent lights. Although I wasn’t set on anything to fill my whole kitchen with, I was inspired to try something exciting! I just didn’t know what.

Yesterday, my father-in-law came over to figure it all out. He was determined to try to get the can lights to work. With extra 2x4s and a little creativity, it looks like we will be able to have the can lights that we wanted. However, now I’m torn. I want the can lights to be the primary source of light in the kitchen but think that adding some pendent lights would add excitement and depth to the kitchen.

My father-in-law cut the holes and ran the wiring for 5 can lights yesterday.

picture of Adding Can Lights to existing ceiling
Adding Can Lights to existing ceiling

I am searching the internet for a pendent light to go over the kitchen sink by the window and 2 or 3 to go over the island and bar area.  I want it to at least coordinate with the chandelier we are considering for our dining room. Plus, the dining room opens up to the foyer, so I’d like for something to coordinate there too.

Below is our probable chandelier choice, it is the only one that both my husband and I totally agree on, so it must be our style!

picture of Modern Crystal chandelier
Modern Crystal Chandelier

It is the Modern Crystal chandelier with 15 Lights, we found it on What do you think? Do you like the chandelier?

This is the hard part for me, making choices that will coordinate with other rooms, while still be affordable.

Do you have ideas on good pendent lighting to coordinate in the kitchen?


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