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Ford Explorer Platinum family travel review

Road trips can be fun but also exhausting when traveling with kids.  Making sure everyone has enough space and is comfortable is essential. The Ford Explorer Platinum that we had the opportunity to drive to Myrtle Beach last week fall exceeded our expectations! After 5 hours, my daughter asked how long we were in the car, she said she thought it was just 20 minutes! They were having too much fun!

Back Seats in Ford Explorer Platinum

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several Ford vehicles over the years and I’ve enjoyed them all for each of their unique features. I’ve found that the most improvements for families in the Ford Explorer. The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is full of luxuries that you’d expect in a luxury vehicle, and most come standard! I thought that once my kids got to this age that we would need a mini-van for the space. I tried that. . .didn’t like it. After driving hundreds of miles last week in the Ford Explorer Platinum, I’m sold!

My kids love it too! Ford didn’t spare any features in the second and third row seating, including being wrapped in gorgeous leather.

Ford Explorer Platinum second row seat

The second row bucket seats are even heated. The middle arm rest is a console which comes in handy for activities and snacks on long road trips. There are cup holders to hold drinks too. To all of our delight, we found a 110V power outlet and a smart-charging USB in the second row! My kids could charge their electronics and even plug in their laptop!

Many SUVs that offer 3rd row seating have uncomfortable, small seats that nobody would actually want to ride in. I was very pleased with the third row and so were my kids – and niece and nephew who traveled with us. There is plenty of space in the third row as well as cup holders and dome/map lighting.Ford Explorer Platinum third row seat

My kids were over the moon with the twin-panel moonroof! It offers fantastic views for everyone – and extra light too. Every trip is more exciting with a moonroof! The back rows also has their own climate control so they can stay cooler/warmer than parents driving.

We made plenty of stops along the way to Myrtle Beach – another essential when traveling with kids! Did you know that boiled peanuts are popular in the Carolinas?    IMG_0638

My son is  a huge fan of the boiled peanuts – me, not so much! Vacations are all about having fun and new experiences.Back Seats in Ford Explorer Platinum

Oh, the front seats – aren’t they gorgeous! This spacious car was a dream to drive. You know that it is a nice ride when you aren’t in pain or discomfort after driving 12+ hours in a car. My sister is 7 months pregnant, we rode with us. She said it was the most comfortable ride ever. She rode some in my parents van and felt every bump in the road, twist, and turn. The Ford Explorer Platinum offers a very comfortable, quiet ride.

Ford Explorer Platinum front seat

The cooled and heated seats help too! The second row seating also includes heated seats, to which they weren’t able to check out but would be nice in the winter. Another amazing feature for the front seats is the seat massage. Yes! I had a massage the entire trip to Myrtle Beach – no wonder I was so comfortable!Ford Explorer Platinum cool and heated seats

While driving long distance (and around town), I really appreciated the Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. If I drove a little too close to the lines, the car would turn the line yellow (see below) and beep. If I veered too far, it would actually assist me in pulling the car back into the lane.  If you are too close to the car in front of you, you will receive a Collision warning with a red light on the dashboard and brake support.Ford Explorer Platinum lane assist

Other features that come standard on the Ford Explorer Platinum that I used the entire trip included cruise control, Blind Spot Information System,  Enhanced park assist, and Reverse Sensing System. These features come standard, making every trip you make a safer one.

After spending the entire day in the car, this was the most welcomed sight – palm trees and the beach!Ford Explorer Platinum Review

Just look at how happy my kids were!

Ford Explorer Platinum family travel review

We stayed at the Crown Reef Water Park Resort, right on the beach.  We were not allowed to drive on the beach like we did at OBX, but it was still a great vacation. The remote start feature came in very handy since I could start it from our room and have it cooled off by the time we got to the car!Ford Explorer Platinum Review

We are back in Ohio now, I’m not sure what we miss more. The beach or the car!  The Ford Explorer Platinum is on our list for a future car purchase.  It makes road trips more memorable – in a good way – and so much more fun!

Ford Explorer Platinum Review

Learn more about the Ford Explorer Platinum including specs, pricing, and features on the Ford website. Like Ford on Facebook and Twitter too.

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