New Ultra-Low Cost Airline Service from Akron- Canton Airport

Spirit Airlines Low Cost Tickets Akron Canton Airport

My family loves to travel but we are often limited to where we can drive because airline tickets are so expensive. I am so excited that there is a new ultra-low cost airline coming to the Akron-Canton Airport! Spirit Airlines makes it affordable for families to travel to favorite destinations like Florida, Myrtle Beach, and Las Vegas at 40-70% less than other airlines!

Spirit Airlines Low Cost Tickets Akron Canton Airport

This is a sponsored post of Spirit Airlines. I received tickets to facilitate.

New Ultra-Low Cost Airline Service from Akron- Canton Airport

What I like most about Spirit Airlines is that my family can afford to travel more because we are saving on flights, we can travel further with less than over driving, and they are conveniently flying out of our local Akron-Canton Airport!

By flying Spirit Airlines, my family saves 2 days of traveling if we were driving to Myrtle Beach, 4-5 days if we were going to Florida, and Las Vegas isn’t even possible to drive. I’d rather spend my vacation time AT my destination, not driving to get there. With Spirit Airlines, we save our vacation days AND money.

Spirit Airlines Low Cost Tickets Akron Canton Airport

So, you might be wondering how Spirit Airlines can offer flights 40-70% less than other airlines. It’s simple, it is a ‘bare fare’ with no frills. Basically, for the low airfare, you get from point A (Akron-Canton Airport) to point B. That’s all we need anyway, right?! There is no free drinks, no free food, and no free heavy suitcases. Most airlines charge for suitcases but all of them build into your airfare the “free” food and drinks. With Spirit Airlines, you only pay for what you want. You can pay for the extras if you want but they are not automatically in your ticket price. I love that!

You are allowed a 18″ x 14″ x 8″ personal item for every guest. Here is an example of that.

Spirit Airlines Low Cost Tickets Akron Canton Airport
After that, you can pay for baggage. For instance, my family of 4 can take a suitcase weighing up to 50lbs for just $30 and so on. I can totally pack less if I know we can travel further, more often, and less expensively. I don’t mind washing clothes once while on vacation if it means more vacation. In the past, people have had negative experiences with Spirit Airlines because they didn’t realize that they had to pay for their luggage.  It is important to plan ahead when saving money with Spirit Airlines. You are in control – you pay for the frills that you want/need and nothing more.

The fleet is one of the youngest in the industry which means they are safe and more fuel-efficient than other airlines with older airplanes. Less fuel means lower prices for you. Spirit Airlines Low Cost Tickets Akron Canton Airport

Inside, the plan looks similar to other airplanes but with a little less frills (that you aren’t paying for!).  For instance, the seats don’t recline which also means the guy in front of you won’t be invading your space too. Like I said, Spirit Airlines is all about getting you from point A to point B, safely and with low cost flights! There is an overhead area where you can place your free personal item or paid carry-on item. With Spirit Airlines, you’ll want to pay for any additional carry-on item or luggage ahead of time to save even more money.

Another benefit of flying with Spirit Airlines is that they are conveniently flying out of the Akron-Canton Airport. This is another time-saver and money-saver. Parking is quick, easy, and inexpensive at Akron-Canton Airport compared to other local airports. Plus, the lines are much shorter which means less time waiting and more time getting right to your vacation destination.

The Akron-Canton Airport is perfect for families with young children too. Several years ago, they added the Step2 Play Port for kids to run off a little extra energy before flying, plus they have a breast feeding station for nursing moms.


If you are like me and like to travel – a lot and like to save time and money, Spirit Airlines is made for you!  You can book your next flight with Spirit Airlines now. Nonstop flights from Akron-Canton Airport to/from Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Tampa begin November 10, 2016 and flights to Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas start on April 27, 2017. For even more savings, sign up for Email Deals.

Election Day Relaxation Station

If you happen to be voting at the North Canton polling place tomorrow on Election Day, take a break from the election madness with the Spirit Relaxation Station. We all need a break, don’t we?! There will be free massages, a steel drum band and refreshments will be available for all guests from 6 am – 7pm outside of the John Torok Community Center in North Canton (4224 Massillon Road, North Canton, OH 44720.

My family will be traveling with Spirit Airlines later this year. I can’t wait to save money and enjoy more time and money on our vacation. I’ll be sure to report back on our entire airline experience. Book your next flight with Spirit Airlines today.

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