Even my 3 year old can make Perfect Potato Pockets

As you may know, I am a Pillsbury Top 4 Finalist. I’m seeking America’s vote to make me their favorite Crescent Cook. My Perfect Potato Pockets takes all of the familiar and delicious flavors of the All-American Loaded Baked Potato and wraps it up in an easy to make recipe. Please vote for Cindy Orley.

Updated: 8/2017 I won the title of America’s Favorite Crescent Cook! Check out the full recipe for my Perfect Potato Pockets here.

picture of America's Favorite Pillsbury Crescent Cook Winner
America’s Favorite Pillsbury Crescent Cook Winner

Perfect Potato Pockets are so easy to make that even my 3 year old can make them, with a little help from mom. If I win this contest, we will begin the remodel of our 50 year old, tiny kitchen. For this post, we headed to grandma’s house to demo the recipe!

The full recipe and pictures  can be found at MyCrescentWow.com.

First, Elizabeth poured the Cheddar & Sour Cream instant mashed potatoes into the mixing bowl, next water.

Elizabeth scoops cream cheese into the mixed Cheddar & Sour Cream instant mashed potatoes. Mommy mixes.

You can see below how proud my 3 year old is of the independence she feels while helping to cook in the kitchen.

She continues to stir in ham into the mashed potatoes.

Add green onions, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits…

Even with a full bowl, my 3 year old is able to stir the ingredients.

She even scooped the mixture into each crescent and wraps them.

After brushing on butter & hot sauce, her Perfect Potato Pockets are ready for the oven.

When cooking with kids takes patience and you can’t expect perfection. Your dish may not look as beautiful as when you make it and that is ok. The Perfect Potato Pockets are a little not-so-perfect looking with hot sauce and butter on the baking sheet, etc. Just one look at my daughter’s face that beams Pride and Satisfaction is so much more important.

You should have seen how proud my 3 year old was that She made dinner for grandma and grandpa. All I did was measure the ingredients, chop the onions,  and popped them in the oven, but she literally did the rest!

I encourage all moms to let their kids learn the joys of cooking at an early age.

Please vote for my recipe daily at MyCrescentWow.com! Every time you vote, you are entered to win $5,000 too!

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