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picture of Speedloss 2 Day Juice & Food Cleanse Day 2

When given the chance to review the Speedloss program, based on the JR Detox Diet, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it. In fact, I’ve had it on the shelf for several weeks, just waiting on the right time.

I have thought about doing a detox and cleanse for quite some time now for the health benefits.  I’ve read and reviewed detox diet books, and,honestly, what has stopped me is fear. I was afraid that I would not be able to carry on with normal life during the cleanse, I would have no energy, I would be super hungry and mostly, I feared that I would basically be locked in the bathroom during the entire program.  (Detox has to go somewhere I figured!!)

Speedloss Juice & Food Cleanse & Detox Review

With no planning, on Thursday morning, my husband started his two day Speedloss cleanse and detox. I wasn’t prepared for it but wanted to do it with him, so I joined right in. I wasn’t sure how it would work with both my kids home from school but there was no turning back. The Speedloss program comes with everything you need for the 48 hours besides milk, water, and juice that you’ll add to some of the packets. This makes it more convenient than creating your own cleansing juices.

Speedloss Juice & Food Cleanse & Detox Day 1 Experience

picture of Speedloss Day 1
Speedloss Detox and Cleanse Kit Components, Day 1

We started out with a Pro-Blend 100 low gylcemic meal replacement shake.  Using 8-12 ounces of milk, this shake was more than I could even consume! What surprised me the most was that the meal replacement shake tasted good. Really good, in fact, like a chocolate shake.  Feeling full, I thought that maybe this cleanse wouldn’t be so bad. Next, I followed up with a Kicker set of vitamins & supplements for energy.

picture of Speedloss Pro-Blend 100 low gylcemic meal replacement shake
Speedloss Pro-Blend 100 low gylcemic meal replacement shake

With the Speedloss program, it is recommended that you do cardio exercise 60 minutes in the morning and 60-90 in the evening. Honestly, I haven’t exercised in 3 years. I live an active lifestyle of hiking, gardening, yard work, etc but that is about it. We took our kids with us to a paved path where they rode their bikes and we walked/jogged beside them. The feeling of jogging again was refreshing. I was training for the 1/2 marathon several years ago and loved running at the time. In our new home, we don’t have as easily accessible place to run, so I stopped. Running yesterday was exhilarating.

For lunch, I fixed my kids their meals and it didn’t kill me. 🙂 My husband and I had the Speedloss Smart Soup.  Mixed with 6-8 oz of hot water, the smart soup taste very much like a creamy tomato soup. The flavor was once again very good.

In the afternoon, we had more vitamins, a powder drink, another shake, and the Cleanse24 that adds in assisting in cleansing accumulated build up. Everything single Speedloss item taste good, to my delightful surprise.

At the end of the first 24 hours, I can honestly say that I had energy all day long. I even took my kids to the outlet mall shopping for shoes and Spring clothes, did a Biggest Loser workout video, and ran around our hilly yard. I can also say that even though I wanted to eat something, out of habit, I was never once hungry on Speedloss.

Speedloss packaging

I have to tell you about the Speedloss packaging.  You will receive 2 bags, each bag is filled for 1 total day’s worth of foods. Each individual package is labeled easily to know when to consume. It makes it easy to keep track of everything. What I really liked were the notes of encouragement on the packages. Although not necessary, they really did help keep our minds and attitudes in check.

For example, the vitamin supplements package said “Just call me the Energizer Bunny!”, the Pro-Blend100 shake said, “Whether you dream of looking like Tarzan or Jane…it has been shown to help Tarzan look better in loin cloth”,  and the Cleanse 24 said “Chaos Calmer and PM Cleanse, work a little like Drano…no, no, no, just kidding! Will clean you out and help flatten that spare tire”.

Speedloss Juice & Food Cleanse and Detox Day 2

picture of Speedloss 2 Day Juice & Food Cleanse Day 2
Day 2 Components of Speedloss Juice & Food Cleanse and Detox

Hooray, in the morning, we were able to eat oatmeal for breakfast called OatPro. It is a custom formulated protein infused oatmeal.  It felt good to actually eat something again. And again, it tasted great.

picture of Speedloss OatPro
Speedloss OatPro

The morning followed up with more supplements and for lunch I fed my kids, my father-in-law, and my brother chicken ravioli and mixed vegetables while my husband and I enjoyed a caramel shake. At first my husband didn’t think he could handle sitting with everyone eating their yummy food but we both did. I kinda felt empowered and proud of myself to have such control of myself. Again, there was so much shake that I couldn’t even finish it.

Day 2 Energy with Speedloss

I took my kids to the playground and we took a long walk that afternoon. I accidentally skipped my Kicker vitamins and supplements that promise to make you feel like the Energizer Bunny. I started with the 48 oz of juice cleanse at 4pm. By 6pm, I was whipped and took a 1/2 hour nap. By 8pm, I realized what I had done and went ahead and took the Kicker packet. I had my energy back within the next hour.  I had everything out of order and due to being tired, I didn’t put in my 60 minutes of cardio. 🙁 My husband on the other hand wasn’t tired at all since he had stayed on the program.

We finished up the TrimTeaCS that cleanses, suppresses your appetite and detoxes and went to bed after taking the final Homeostat Plus supplements.

That evening, my husband had energy all day and was not hungry. I had the lull in the evening due to the mix-up but was fine by evening and not hungry. However, we were ready to actually eat something for breakfast the next morning. 🙂

Our Speedloss Cleanse & Detox Results

My fears were unfounded regarding the detox and cleanse with Speedloss. I had energy the entire time, everything taste great, I was not hungry, and I was not stuck in the bathroom at all.

What Speedloss did for me was give me a jump start back to healthy living and with losing weight. My husband and I both have more energy after the detox and cleanse, even after the cleanase. The bloating in my belly is gone, I feel healthier.

My goal weight is now within reach. Most people can expect to lose 8lbs or more. Some even lose 18lbs in the 48 hours. My husband lost 5lbs and I lost just 4lbs. However, we did not do the 60 minutes in the morning and 60-90 minutes in the evening cardio. We did some exercise, but not the fully recommended.  The next time we do the Speedloss, we’ll have a plan in place and fully commit to it.

More on Speedloss Detox and Cleanse

Speedloss is an easy way to detox and cleanse while losing weight.  Basically, Speedloss is the right combination of food, fat-burning protein, natural energy vitamins and cleansing juice to use your stored fat for fuel. It comes with everything you need to cleanse detox and lose up to 12 lbs in 2 days. It is convenient for the traveler, business professional, and especially the busy mom.

Buy Speedloss Detox and Cleanse

You can buy a Speedloss system just perfect for you on the Speedloss website. Choose from the regular Speedloss, Sport, Vegetarian, or Sport/Vegetarian. Programs start at $199.

Speedloss Detox and Cleanse Coupon

Update: After I wrote this article, it became quite popular- so I sought out a way to win from it!  Speedloss is also known to run specials on Groupon like sites, below is one we found at YourBestDeals.com.  Buying through these affiliate links provides our site a few dollars to buy some coffee!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Speedloss who provided the products for review.

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