Clean Floors in a Hurry this Winter

Do your floors look as terrible as mine? With all the snow boots, snow and slush, road salt, and dog paws there is no way around it. We will have messy floors until Spring, and then it’ll turn muddy! dirtyfloor

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Clean Floors in a Hurry this Winter with Sniffer

I am a busy mom and don’t have time to mess with buckets of water, cleaning solutions, and mopping on a daily basis, yet I want my floors to be clean.  For years, I have turned to Swiffer Sweeper Vac to quickly clean my solid floors – it is super for dog hair! I was just recently introduced to the Swiffer WetJet as a quick, effective, and convenient mopping solution. Simply pop on a new power pad with each cleaning and go!


The cleaning solution pops right into the base of the WetJet. There is no need for buckets of water! The cleaner solutions break up & dissolve any of the tough messes left on your floor while the thick cleaning pads traps & locks the debri onto pad to be thrown away.


I have really enjoyed how the Swiffer WetJet has made keeping my floors clean this Winter, even with the messy boots, dog paws, salt, and slush that makes its way into my home. It is totally effortless cleaning – as you can see in the below picture. One-hand operation is all it takes to mop away Winter’s messes! The WetJet is very light weight and easy to glide along your floors.

I use my WetJet on my vinyl tiled floors as well as my laminate floors. There are several cleaning solutions to choose from, including one for wood if you have hard-wood floors. I have tried two and they both leave my floors clean and house smelling fresh.easy-cleaning-wet-jet

The cleaning pads do an amazing job at trapping in the dirt and grime on floors. They include the scrubbing action of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that can’t be beat! Below is what the Swiffer WetJet got off of my floors today!


Keeping our homes clean can be a challenge but keeping our floors clean – even with the mess of Winter – doesn’t have to be difficult when there are convenient, effective products like the Swiffer WetJet. I really like that it is an all-in-one solution that is quick and easy. I can clean all of my floors (foyer, hall, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen) in under 15 minutes! The solution dries quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue like some cleaners.

Check out how clean my floors are now – this picture was taken after my kids came inside from building a snow fort this afternoon – see my son’s boot in the corner? They managed to stay on the rug this time, allowing all of us to enjoy our newly cleaned floors for at least a little while!clean-floorsLet Swiffer makes tedious cleaning a thing of the past for you too!

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