Do you think we got stuck on the beach in our Ford Explorer? oops

Ford Explorer in deep sand

As a reviewer for the Ford Explorer, we felt it our duty to really test this vehicle out. We decided to test out the 4WD on the sandy beaches of Corolla, NC. There are warnings to not even try driving an AWD vehicle, only a 4WD, so this isn’t a wimpy beach for just any car. Although we had faith in Ford, it was still a bit scary and a rush to drive on the beach. Once we hit the sand, there was no turning back. Honestly, I was concerned. Even trained driver for our Wild Horse Adventures Tour got stuck a few times and had to maneuver around to get out. Oops…what have we done?

Driving the Ford Explorer onto the Sandy Beaches of Corolla, NC

No need to fear! The Ford Explorer offers Intelligent 4WD, allowing you to take this crossover vehicle wherever your heart leads. 🙂  What is Intelligent 4WD? Basically, this vehicle gives your wheels traction when any slip is detected, on any terrain.

picture of Ford Explorer Terrain Management
Ford Explorer Terrain Management

Plus, this function works together with the unique Terrain Management System™. The Terrain Management System allows you to turn the dial to match the specific terrain you are driving on.  The Ford Explorer will safely take you from the sandy beaches to the snow covered roads and everything in between. 4 modes: Normal, Mud/Ruts, Sand, and Grass/Gravel/Snow.  This is a super feature to have while vacationing on the beach, however, a much-needed safety feature that we Need during Ohio’s winters. I would love to see how this handles in our snow storms.

If you watched the video above, you saw how well the Ford Explorer handled driving onto the beach and how exciting it was! Well, next, we had to pull up into the deeper sand to park the car. Honestly, I was still nervous that we might get stuck. What would Ford think if I got their media fleet vehicle stuck in the sand in North Carolina?

picture of Ford Explorer in deep sand
Ford Explorer in deep sand

We set up camp, it was so nice to fold down the third row of seating for the kids to eat and get out of the sun. Plus, it was just a fun tailgating type experience with the car as our home base. This would be super at home for sporting events and drive in movies too!

picture of Ford Explorer Tailgating at beach
Ford Explorer Tailgating at beach

After a a fun day at the beach in 100 degree temps, we were ready to head back. As we started back to the car, a tow-truck crossed our path on the way to rescue another beach driving vehicle that didn’t make it. My heart sank. Would the Ford Explorer make it out of the sand? Did it sink?

Do you think we got stuck on the beach in our Ford Explorer?

Find out here!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Ford Media Fleet who provided the car for review.

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