Best Books for Young Birders

Bird Field Guide for kids

Your kids will have a field day with these books on birds! My family loves birds and enjoy learning about them, feeding them, and discovering new varieties at home and while traveling. We were so excited to received several bird books and guides to check out for this review.

These small field guides are perfect to keep by your window as birds come in to feed at your feeders or take with you on hikes and while on vacation to learn about the birds and wildlife all around you.Bird Field Guide for kids

Field Guide: A Walk in the Woods by Emily Laber-Warren is a great way to begin your outdoor adventures this Spring as you discover the first signs of spring. This field guide is easy to take with you while hiking trails or playing in the back yard. It is packed full of interesting facts kids will find fascinating in a format that is easy for kids to read and reference. Photos are vivid and add to the ease of referencing this guide.Bird Field Guide for kids

I can’t wait to take the Into the Field Guide: A Walk on the Beach by Laurie Goldman with us as we head to the beaches of California this summer. Although we are always eager to discover new things at the beach, we don’t know a lot about the wildlife and terrain like we do in Ohio. This guide will be perfect for adding a little education and fun facts to our summer trips to the beach.Ocean  Field Guide for kids

One of our favorite things to find at the beach are horseshoe crabs. We have a video of one in this post shot at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Cape Cod. They are amazing creatures to find swimming next to you in the waves!Ocean Field Guide for kids

Any of these wonderful birding books would make excellent Easter basket additions!  Not only are the books educational but lots of fun. PBS KIDS Look and Learn Birds by Sarah Parvis is an impressive kit that comes with a book and binoculars. Every birder needs a pair of binoculars! Binoculars will get your kid eager to spy birds, believe me! My kids started out with small binoculars and now we have several pair.  We always bring a pair while traveling because you never know what you will see!Bird books and Field Guide for kids

I must say that Science with Stuff: Bird-acious by Melissa Stewart is both hilarious and gross at the same time! Not only is this book full of fascinating information, juicy factoids, and beautiful photos but it also comes with real owl pellet that kids can dissect. yuck! Don’t worry, it’s sanitized…although I’d rather my kids look and not touch! My mom saw the book and couldn’t stop laughing over it. Kids, especially boys will think this book is a hoot!bird book for kids

It is packed full of information. For instance, did you know that when people say that people eat like a bird, they aren’t saying that they eat little, they are actually saying they are eating a LOT?! If you ate like a chickadee, it would be like eating 70 hamburgers a day! Yikes! Your kids will love showing off all of the interesting facts they learn from this book with friends, teachers, and adults alike.SAM_1872

This kid-friendly books are sure to inspire your kids to become birders. I know my kids have really enjoyed reading them and referencing them since we received them!

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