Tricks and Tips for a Happy Halloween without Scary Tooth Decay

tricks for healthy teeth on Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. It is the holiday kids dream of – unlimited amounts of free candy given to them while trick-or-treating, school parties, and other Halloween parties. It can be a nightmare when it comes to their teeth! Halloween should be fun for kids while keeping their smile healthy. Follow these tips to a happier and healthier Halloween for everyone.

Walk while Trick-or-Treating

Don’t drive your kids around in your car. Not only is it exciting to walk from house to house while trick-or-treating, it is a good form of exercise before consuming candy. Did you know the average American kid eats 3,000 calories of candy on Halloween night?! yikes!


Eat Healthy Meal before Trick-or-Treating

Give your child a healthy meal or snacks before they go trick or treating. If kids are not hungry while trick-or-treating, they will likely eat less of the candy! It is the same concept of going grocery shopping on an empty stomach!

Avoid Extra Sugar on Trick-or-Treating Day

We know our kids are going to eat extra sugar after trick-or-treating, try to be a little extra healthier on trick-or-treating day. Avoid unnecessary sugar during the day – drink water instead of juice.

Give Kids Halloween Goody Bag with No Candy

There is so much fun surrounding Halloween, it doesn’t have to be all about the candy. Give your kids and special kids in your life a goody bag with fun items. Your kids will be excited about their glow sticks and fancy monster socks that they may not try downing as much candy as possible while trick-or-treating!  Perhaps make it part of an exchange for donating part of their Halloween candy to those in need.


The Nightmare Night My Little Pony would be an amazing Halloween gift for girls. It is the perfect theme and well worth at least a 1/2 bag of donated candy!

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Collection Moonlight Chariot with Pony for Halloween
They even have a Halloween-like celebration collection of the Nightmare Night episode.

Don’t Eat Candy While Trick-or-Treating

Even though Halloween candy poisoning is a hoax, we’ve never let our kids eat candy until I could check it at home first.  Since the 1960’s, we have all searched for pins and needles in Halloween candy, although needs in Halloween candy is almost always a hoax too. That being said, it is easier to monitor the candy your child consumes if you make it a rule to wait until they get home to eat the candy. It might give them a reason to put a spring in their step to get home to eat their candy too!


Hand out Healthy Treats

Lead by example and hand out healthy treats during trick-or-treating, classroom parties, and Halloween parties.

give healthy treats for trick-or-treating

This year, we are handing out Mamma Chia Organic Chia Squeeze at classroom parties and for trick-or-treating. We’ve done similar before and kids are actually more excited to try something new than another tootsie roll! Chia Squeeze comes in a variety of delicious flavors – perfect for lunch and snacks too!

Hand out Non-Food Treats

Hand out non-food treats to the trick-or-treaters that come to your door like fake vampire teeth, glow sticks, or the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic collection  from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated TV series.


Non-food treats are especially good to have aside for kids with allergies and Type 1 Diabetes.

Sort Candy after Trick-or-Treating

Let your kids sort their trick-or-treating candy to pick out their favorites. Set aside candy that is most unhealthy for the teeth like taffy, caramel, sour candy, bubble gum, gummies, and hard candy that stays in your mouth a long time. These candies can cause cavities more because they latch onto tiny teeth.


It takes longer for these candies to get washed away by saliva, increasing the risk for cavities. Be sure to plan eating those candies right before brushing.

Encourage kids to select dark chocolates that quickly dissolve and have less contact with their teeth. Sugar Free gum is another great option!

Hand out Sugar Free Gum on Halloween Night

My kids love gum and are big fans of Orbit for Kids sugar free chewing gum.

give sugar free gum on halloween

Even more important, our kid’s dentist is a fan!

Dr. Adam Pollock , “I approve of Orbit for Kids as an extra step in dental care for kids. It doesn’t replace brushing but is a good addition for everyone.

I like it because sugar free gum less likely to get stuck in the grooves and crevices of the teeth.

Donate Candy

Your kids are going to get a ton of candy. Encourage them to be generous to those in need by donating a portion to a local food pantry or food bank.

donate extra Halloween Candy to akron food pantry

Select Times to Enjoy Candy

The worse thing you could do when it comes to Halloween candy is to let your kids graze on it all day until it is gone. You don’t want to limit it so much that they sneak it from you either. We set times when kids can enjoy 1-2 pieces, normally right after a meal. Eating sweets after a meal is a good time because that is when the saliva flow is high and can help  fight tooth decay.  Another good time is 1/2 hour before they brush their teeth.

New Toothbrush

Get your kids excited about brushing their teeth with a new toothbrush on Halloween! Get a light-up toothbrush and let them brush their teeth in the dark to extend the Halloween fun. Be sure to supervise if your children are young to make sure they get their teeth extra good and follow up with floss and mouth wash.

toothbrush for halloween

Getting a fun light-up or character tooth brush with a timer or light that blinks for the 2 minute dentist recommended time is a great tradition for every Halloween.

Brush on Halloween Night

On Halloween night, your kids are going to want candy!! Be sure to brush and floss their teeth within a hour of eating their trick-or-treating haul. Be sure they brush for the full two minutes as well as floss and use mouth wash before bed on Halloween night.

Drink Water

Drinking water afterward eating candy is good for your teeth, just another benefit to drinking water! If you can convince your kids to swish the water in their mouth, it can help get stuck on candy off of their teeth before they get a chance to brush.

contigo water bottle

Protect Teeth with Dental Sealants

Protect your kids’ teeth before Halloween with dental sealants at the dentist.

dental sealants protect kids teeth for Halloween

Dental sealants provide a protective barrier on your child’s molars and premolars against tooth decay and cavities. This helps not only on Halloween but every single day.

No Tricks for a Happy Smile

The above tips are not tricks for a happy smile and not a substitute for good oral habits. Be sure to have your kids brush twice daily, floss daily, and use mouth wash daily.  Also, be sure sure to visit your dentist regularly. We recommend going to a pediatric dentist for numerous reasons.

Choose Dr. Adam Pollock D. D.S. Pediatric Dentistry

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