5 Tips for Staying Healthy this School Year

Dr. Zarbock

When it comes to keeping my kids healthy, I listen to doctors.  Dr. Zarbock, the creator of Zarbee’s All-Natural Cough Syrups for kids and adults has provided us with 5 Tips for Staying Healthy this School Year to share with you. I was also able to interview Dr Zarbock on my concerns on the use of hand-sanitizers and extra vitamins for kids. See that interview below.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy this School Year

  1. Wash your hands – This is the most simple and effective way to prevent colds and the flu and keep germs away.  Teach kids to wash their hands with warm, soapy water for the time is takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice – at least 20 seconds.  Teach kids to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, and when they come home from school.  Provide them hand sanitizer to keep with them for when soap and water are not available. (See my interview questions below on the use of hand-sanitizers.)
  2. Don’t share with others – While we teach our kids to share, this is not the time to share food and drinks.  That is an easy way for germs to spread. Teach your kids safer ways to share like pouring liquids into separate cups or breaking off a piece of something from a part that hasn’t already been bitten.
  3. Eat right and get enough sleep -It is important your children eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep to stay healthy all year long. In addition to helping the body protect itself from colds and the flu, this combination can also help them concentrate better in school.
  4. Stay Physically Active – Keep your kids involved in after-school activities or organized sports instead of having them come home and watch TV and play video games.  Plan family outings like walks in the park, bike riding, and activities like apple picking on the weekends.
  5. Go Natural – If your kids (and you) get sick, choose an all-natural product that will safely and effectively help them feel better. Choose a product like Zarbee’s Cough Syrup, which is 100% natural and drug-free, made from antioxidant-rich honeys, a proven remedy to calm coughs and soothe and coat sore throats.

Interview with Dr. Zarbock

Read on to hear what Dr. Zarbock has to say about the use of hand-sanitizers and extra vitamins for kids with the below interview.

Dr. Zarbock
Dr. Zarbock

How often can kids use hand sanitizer and still be safe? Is there a limit per day?

Hand Sanitizer.  There is no specific limit of hand sanitizer that is too much for kids to use.  The common problems with sanitizers and kids include ingestion and general overuse.  Because some sanitizers smell sweet, young children may be at risk for accidental ingestion.  Alcohol-based sanitizers may be ingested purposefully in older kids and teens which can result in intoxication or alcohol poisoning.

The overuse of sanitizers is a little more confusing because it may be years before we realize the impact.  A sanitizer that doesn’t kill 99.9% of bacteria (i.e. some non-alcohol based sanitizers) may leave so called “superbugs” remaining on the skin that can  spread uninhibited by more common bacteria.

The other question is whether or not using a sanitizer deprives the body’s immune system the opportunity to develop.  While sanitizers may be convenient and a preferred cleaning method for kids in certain situations, we are probably better off with soap and warm water as a first choice.

If schools only provide hand sanitizer for kids to “wash” their hands before lunch after playing outside on recess, is that sufficient to kill germs?

Hand sanitizers can be extremely effective at reducing germs, especially in the school setting where it is not always practical to have kids wash their hand with soap and warm water.  Most hand sanitizers are alcohol based, containing over 60% alcohol.  They typically reduce bacteria by 99.9% which can help reduce the spread of unwanted illness.  Sanitizers do have their shortcomings (see above) but when used appropriately they get the job done.

Do you recommend kids taking supplements like Vitamin C during winter to prevent colds? Are there any supplements that would help build up kids’ immune system?

In general, kids get enough vitamins and minerals from a round diet.  This is also true in the winter months.  However, when children get sick, increasing the vitamin C and zinc may help shorten the duration of common cold symptoms.  For this reason I included these important ingredients in Zarbee’s natural cough syrups.  Daily vitamin D is another possible element to increase during peak illness seasons as it has been shown that those with adequate levels suffer fewer respiratory illnesses.  Because our bodies make vitamin D in response to sunlight, these levels may be lower in those living in cold weather areas.  Probiotics have also been shown to enhance the immune system and reduce incidence respiratory illnesses as well.

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