The World’s Most Versatile Dishrack!

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Are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing and configurable dish drying rack? Look no further than the simplehuman. simplehuman dishracks come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every need and style.

simplehuman flip-top dishrack Review

The simplehuman flip-top dishrack adjusts with your dish drying needs from your cooking pots and pans to your dinner dishes. This simplehuman dishrack is made of high-grade stainless steel that won’t rust. Other features include:

  • Flip-top Shelf – adjustable in 3 positions
  • Win Glass Holder
  • 2 Cup Holders
  • Bamboo Knife Block – Gentle on sharp blades
  • Extra Large Utensil Holder
  • Dual Direction Drip Tray (can be on the longer or shorter side of the dishrack)

The flip-top Disrack is totally adjustable with a top shelf that can be arranged in 3 positions.

Top shelf is great for cups, glasses, and other small dishes. I use this configuration when I am washing my main dinner dishes, glasses, and other smaller items that I want to wash up quickly without using my dishwasher.

picture of simplehuman flip-top dishrack
simplehuman flip-top dishrack with shelf

Flip the top shelf up to stack your pots and pans. I use this configurations for the most. This is ideal for drying large pots and pans. It is also fantastic for drying cookie sheets, cutting boards, and my pizza cutting board. I can dry more than 8 at a time, which is perfect for when I do my baking because I always use a LOT of cutting boards and cookies sheets at a time!

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You can even fold down the top shelf for even larger items or just for extra space to dry items like cups, etc.

picture of simplehuman flip-top dishrack with shelf extended
simplehuman flip-top dishrack with shelf extended

Nice looking dishracks are hard to find. We just remodeled our kitchen and I want to keep everything looking perfect. I have never enjoyed the look of any dishrack in the past and would hide them when guest would come over. Last weekend, I had a party and not only didn’t hide my simplehuman dishrack but had many, many compliments on it. The ladies loved it and asked where I found such a nice looking dishrack, I pointed them right to simplehuman!

With all simplehuman dishracks comes an innovative drainage system that will drain the water into your sink and off of your kitchen countertop. The clever dual direction drip tray invention. It allows the water to drip down and out the stainless steel spout and into your kitchen sink. You can place the spout at the short or long end of the dish draining tray.

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I like that the dishrack accessories are easy to configure and move around. The wine glass and cup holders can be moved on the dishrack to wherever you need them. The knife block is excellent for drying sharp knives as the bamboo protects the edges of the knives. This can also be moved to any of the 3 utensil holders.

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I recommend this simplehuman dishrack for any home. It is stylish and adjusts to your particular dish drying needs. It would look great in any kitchen.

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You can buy the Flip-Top Dishrack on the simplehuman website for $79.99 with FREE Shipping on order $49 or more. Also available on

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to simplehuman who supplied the products for the review.

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